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Prelude to Zombeavers

Prelude to Zombeavers
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This week the Internet sensation, Zombeavers, hits Netflix and we are hopeful for its furry goodness. Will it be as fun and satirical as 2002's Cabin Fever, or will it deliver a great title but also a series of missed opportunities and cliches like 2014's Wolf Cop? With irradiated undead woodland critters what could possibly go wrong?

Streaming Do's and Don'ts

Good Neighbor, Bad Neighbor

  • Willy Wonka
  • The Last Unicorn
  • The Care Bears

About Zombeavers - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Zombeavers premiered at the Imagine Film Festival, formerly the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival, in April of 2014.  It also was one of the Midnight Selections of the Tribeca Film Fest according to it’s own website. I note this as one of the strategies that led to its viral uptake was falsifying information and putting beavers in the famous movie posters which before, had no beavers; E.T. for example. It would seem that it most likely was a Midnight Selection at Tribecca, but who's to say (other than someone with actual authority of these things).

Jordan Rubin, Al Kaplan and Jon Kaplan began work on the script for Zombeavers in 2012 based on the name which was the brain child of Al Kaplan. 

Rubin is most notable as the Head writer for MTV specials including but not limited to the MTV Movie Awards of 2012.  He also was a credited writer of 165 episodes of Last Call with Carson Daly.

Al Kaplan & Jon Kaplan are attached quite frequently. They are credited as writers of various projects including the MTV Movie Awards of 2009.  They also composed  the sweet 8 bit music in Code Monkeys.  They also composed the score for this film as well as Piranaconda, Dinocroc vs Supergator, Gila!, and The Hills Have Thighs.

The film stars such tarts as Rachel Melvin, Courtney Palm and Lexi Atkins. Rachel Melvin is most notable as the teen Chelsea Brady in Days Of Our Lives. Hopefully she takes her shirt of and I can leave crude messages on the NBC answering machine much like the following:

"This message is for Officer Beau Brady. Beau I spanked it to your daughter. I got some more hard evidence if Hope is interested."

When I say Officer Beau Brady out loud, I feel like Officer Bar Brady (South Park) is somehow an homage though the two share little in common.

The film co-stars Hutch Dano. Hutchings Royal Dano is known to fans of his music by the name Farenheit 51.  Probably because the pasty face twerp doesn’t read, let alone the science fiction classics. (Editor's note - the word Fahrenheit has an h after the first A, so even if intentionally, Hutch Dano spells his name wrong)

The film has a box office of over 14k despite only having special screenings.

Keep an eye out for:  John Mayer.  Yup, John Mayer is on screen somehow. 

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