• Rollerball


    Not sure if rollerball is going to make it as the hottest sport in the west. We discuss the insanity of John McTiernan, Jon A Ton, the rules (or not rules), the vagueness of watching Rollerball, how stupid the game is, nudity abounds in a PG-13, how you can't even tell who the teams are, who the hell is Sergei, having your business rely on people with no money, Kenny Powers jumping the Russian border, off road airplanes, and can we declare this the worst movie ever on the show? Read More
  • Road House (2024)

    Road House (2024)

    Wait a minute. That's not a road house! That's just a tiki bar! We discuss the inevitable comparisons to the original, Jackie gets all over Connor McGregor's butt, how bad at business Brant AND Frankie are, why the plot doesn't need to exist, Dalton's dubious motivations, Sheriff "Big Dick" gets dorted, the one great scene, the many other mediocre scenes, and how there's just nothing here to ever make you watch it twice. Read More
  • Riding the Bus with my Sister

    Riding the Bus with my Sister

    Man, I hope we've matured as a society since 2005. We discuss "going all Rosie", Hallmark Channel's history, crappy neighbors, crappy bus riders, the shared humanity of public transportation...except in St. Louis, being wholly unprepared to be a responsible adult in your late 30s, Jesse The Foot of Justice, and society's weakest are the pathway to meeting Vulcan's, not hyperspace. Read More
  • Tiptoes


    Oscar bait or just a huge pile of garbage? We discuss how in the hell this got made, the LPDL, wild wild parties, David Alan Grier at the food cart, Gary's Oldman's CGI pants, Tony Cox and Danny Woodburn's not ringing phones, Gary Oldman stuffed into a sofa, Steven's vague moral buttholelery, Lucy and Maurice and children, and the absolutely bonkers ending. Top tip - watch the movie first! Read More
  • Blown Away

    Blown Away

    Tommie Lee Jones is fixing to blow up the bathroom. We discuss boring bombs, Lloyd Bridges, shooting the bomb, when you know the wife and kid are gonna be in danger later, not a bomb sequences, Ol' Cape Cod, shoot up the hot tub drunk, boat phones, Rube Goldberg bombs, how far Forrest Whittaker can run, U2, and how everyone is going to prison. Read More
  • Ishtar


    We're on the road to Morocco. We discuss the insane budget, the tumultuous production, talentless boobs, airport boobs, Justin's honey-pot dreams, Chuck Grody, Tacos! Tacos! Tacos!, maybe hiring the best isn't for the best, the map of the prophecy nonsense, bad archaeologists, jacket wearing speeds, and can this movie be good or as bad as its reputation? Read More
  • Lisa Frankenstein

    Lisa Frankenstein

    Bad Movie Field Trip! We discuss film critics just not watching the movies they review, Zelda Williams, the exceptional cast, the darling script, poetry loving Mike's with cool hair, how the 80's looked and felt, Carla Gugino's epic bitch, tanning bed surgery, hand holding, stinky tears, Taffy's bad afternoon, going Goth, and how much we loved this movie and every critic is bonkers or just didn't bother to watch it. Read More
  • Night Teeth

    Night Teeth

    Ever wanted to watch an charmless buffoon drive some thirsty clubbers around? Well.... We discuss Benny's v-card, how navigation systems work, poorly planned hitjobs, boob cameos, bloody money, weird cats, how remote start works, the inevitable "Collateral" comparison, laser arrows, Reek, Vamps from the Valley, being cool by association?, and being a vampire while living with your grandma. Read More
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Stinker Madness - Bad Movie Podcast

The only place to come for Stinkers (bad movies)

Stinker Madness is a bad movie comedy podcast that loves horrible films that might actually be wonderful little gems. Or they could suck. We do our best to filter out the good movies from the bad films and pass the savings on to you. It's our goal to find the best worst movies of all time.

Here you can listen to all episodes of the Stinker Madness podcast where we review bad movies. You'll also find access to download or stream each of our episodes. Be sure to comment and give us your thoughts on the show and movies.

With 2 episodes each week and at least four cult, budget and "bad" movies reviewed each week, this is the show for the true bad movie lover.

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What the folks are saying...

  • Get to the chopper Read More
    Bad Movie Sunday They don't stink. The movies do. They aren't mad (well 2 out of 3 ain't bad) the movies are. Every week Sam, Jackie (Jacquie, Jacky or Jackey) and Justin go out of their way to bring somewhat of a quality show. From skits to Streaming Do's and Donts to Good Neighbour/Bad Neighbour and the worst superpower game ever. In the midst of that, they manage to review a "bad movie". It's by far one of the best if not the best independent bad movie podcast out there.
  • An absolute blast Read More
    Second Class Cinema This show is a ton of fun. For real. As a bad movie procurer myself, these are the opinions I care about.
  • 5 Stars Read More
    clauzy If you like B-movies, cult classics, bad films or Hollywood blockbusters that turned out ridiculous then this podcast is what you are looking for. The lads are witty and don't hold back when they rip apart plots, special effects and just outright nonsense. As a lover of these type of films, the three lads are a breath of fresh air, like eaves dropping on me and my buddies talk s###e about films. You'll become an addict once you start listening.
  • The Movies May Be Stinkers, But This Show is Roses Read More
    Lityippee If you are looking for a good time listening to people talk about bad movies, then this is for you. The movies are as obscure as some of the references used by the hosts, but that is what makes it enjoyable. These guys, and lady, are hitting their stride and making a quality podcast. Keep up the good work.
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