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  • Hell of the Living Dead

    Hell of the Living Dead

    It's icky and cringey, and that's just the 80's Italian hairdos. We discuss henchmen in SWAT disguise, birds and critters, Billy's rough trip to cannibal town, expired huge junk, how guns don't work, plug tobacco, puttin' on the ritz during the apocalypse, grandma's kitty house, zodiac in a bag, "the mission", and the zombie brain punch of death! Read More
  • Witchery


    Linda Blair and The Hoff run around a hotel while confusing the hell out us on what is going on. We discuss sparkle magic, Jackie's magnum opus, Sam shares his warlocking experiences, Tommy's bad casting, baby jerky, lonely boat captains, explaining the banana zone, chimneys, swordfish, Satan's love of peanut butter & Justin punches his ticket to Hell. Read More
  • Wish Upon

    Wish Upon

    The Reboot of Teen Witch didn't meet Jackie's expectations. We discuss dumpster diving, smegma, multiverses, Sherilynn Fenn's bathrobe, the reality of being the most popular girl, Kenny G's kids, getting Flubber air, and being the worst protagonist in film. Read More
  • The Rift

    The Rift

    Tennis Greg finds love and exploding heads at the bottom of the sea. We discuss the Yellow Submarine, warming your johnson, tentacles, the Nut-Kraken, sea-monster tea-bagging, Jackie - the Submariner, rescuing the Wolfenstein 3D disks, military grizzly bears, giving someone grossface, the "Rory Equation" and how they get Earth destroyed. Read More
  • Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding

    Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding

    Wrath of Sato! This week we discuss Hobie's transition into Vanilla Ice, Mitch as the most interesting man whose ever lived, terrible revenge plots, sun-screen wet-wipes, praying the blindness away in just 3 days, Eskimo brother life-guarding, elaborate death traps, and sweet, sweet Lorenzo's day finally comes. Read More
  • National Treasure

    National Treasure

    Nic Cage's rich character uses his rich guy watch to save America, by making his character more rich as hell. This week we discuss bad CGI, Nic's hair, BFG, the Templars are bad guys, Benjamin Franklin's special sauce, word-association-mystery-solving, action schmoozing, Bad Guy's Tacos, pizza-fingers, lantrens, and how much is the National Treasure worth? Read More
  • Templar Nation

    Templar Nation

    For being a Templar, you sure don't know much about them. This week we discuss the best hidden gem in bad movies, Hopology, why Melvin is involved, Injun Joe's complicity, the Dirt-Bike Kid, #9's meaning, sword keys, becoming an honorary templar, inept Illuminati and the most arduous backdoor in history. Read More
  • Outcast


    Film 1 of 3 in a new series of Templar movies. Its time to plunder booty, Mr. Cage, the Templar Pirate? This week we discuss Nic Cage's lady wig, "The Far East", an exiled princess disguised as an exiled princess, bad geography, inept battle strategies, The Art of Warcraft by Leeroy Jenkins, where Nic Cages bandits go potty and the Boromir Bar. Read More
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Stinker Madness - Bad Movie Podcast

The only place to come for Stinkers (bad movies)

Stinker Madness is a bad movie comedy podcast that loves horrible films that might actually be wonderful little gems. Or they could suck. We do our best to filter out the good movies from the bad films and pass the savings on to you. It's our goal to find the best worst movies of all time.

Here you can listen to all episodes of the Stinker Madness podcast where we review bad movies. You'll also find access to download or stream each of our episodes. Be sure to comment and give us your thoughts on the show and movies.

With 2 episodes each week and at least four cult, budget and "bad" movies reviewed each week, this is the show for the true bad movie lover.

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What the folks are saying...

  • C-List Celebrity Read More
    Paul Milsap I think you guys are doing fantastic. And I thought I was the only one that was into this stuff?!? I loved the discussion on Teen Which, it's definitely one of those movies that has an underground cult following, have a look at teenwitchfanclub dot com (no joke). Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 33/100. It was definitely closer to 36/100.
  • You Had Me at Mommie Dearest... Read More
    Chitown Mindy I discovered Stinker Madness when looking for a podcast that covered my guiltiest of pleasures, "Mommie Dearest." The hosts take on the movie was very funny, with some interesting historical/cinematic tidbits thrown in for good measure. Then I discovered the podcast also reviewed the Barbara Streisand version of "A Star Is Born." Hallelujah! If you enjoy interesting, silly discussions of fringe/bad/cult cinema, subscribe to Stinker Madness this instant.
  • snarky commentary mst3k -style Read More
    stephie794 these guys are really great at ripping apart bad movies just like Rifftrax or the number 1 movie podcast How did this get made? don't drink while you are listening or you may snort it through your nose from laughing so hard
  • They know a stinker when they see it Read More
    If We Made It This is a really great podcast about stinky movies. Stinkers, if you will. They cover the classics and new stinkers, sometimes with amazing guests. Keep it up, Stinker Madness!
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