• Lisa Frankenstein

    Lisa Frankenstein

    Bad Movie Field Trip! We discuss film critics just not watching the movies they review, Zelda Williams, the exceptional cast, the darling script, poetry loving Mike's with cool hair, how the 80's looked and felt, Carla Gugino's epic bitch, tanning bed surgery, hand holding, stinky tears, Taffy's bad afternoon, going Goth, and how much we loved this movie and every critic is bonkers or just didn't bother to watch it. Read More
  • Night Teeth

    Night Teeth

    Ever wanted to watch an charmless buffoon drive some thirsty clubbers around? Well.... We discuss Benny's v-card, how navigation systems work, poorly planned hitjobs, boob cameos, bloody money, weird cats, how remote start works, the inevitable "Collateral" comparison, laser arrows, Reek, Vamps from the Valley, being cool by association?, and being a vampire while living with your grandma. Read More
  • Action USA

    Action USA

    The title tells no lies. We discuss ACTION!, John Stewart, Barri Murphy's empty bra drawer, Texas, WAY too big of explosions, self serve gas stations, Drago's odd demeanor, hick bars, endless car chases, bad jumps, Cameron Mitchell's bath tub behavior, the raddest Corvette in film, dirt bike theft, Carmen's protagonism, Robocop Rogue City and Justin goes back to 1951 for some video game reboots. Read More
  • New York Ninja

    New York Ninja

    I think Interpol killed your wife, dude. We discuss the incredible story behind the release of the movie, the voice acting talent, Voyag3r's awesome score, monogrammed shuriken, hassling kid's for lunch money, floured eggs, bad net strategy, how not to wear your hat, irradiated hand murder, Elijah Wood's dad, drunken sword-style, The Slave Lady Emporium, and freezeframes galore. Read More
  • Annabelle


    A movie about contracts and made stupid by contracts. We discuss the Warrens of Conjuring fame, the tedium of watching someone just do household chores for an hour, Ugly Annabelle, how to get rid of hippie cults, thrilling sewing sequences, silent popcorn, Batmaning spirits, Necrazul demon lord of elevators, Faustian contracts that are easily foiled, how Annabelle isn't actually a demon doll, and how the entire movie is just about having tea parties with dollies. The horror! Read More
  • Highlander 2: The Quickening

    Highlander 2: The Quickening

    Well we thought the first one didn't make any damn sense, but the sequel is a real doozy. We discuss flying porcupine bros, whether the Immortals are from space or the distant past (neither makes sense), Jackie just gives up and calls the all Highlanders, crazy trains, flying babies, Total Recall face, Harvey Wallbangers, bad futurism inventions, dumb swords, and how the hell is Ramirez still alive. Read More
  • Double Trouble

    Double Trouble

    They should have been octuplets. We just can't get enough of the Paul Brothers. We discuss David and Peter, the Groundlings, laser crime, security butt crack, pumping iron weirdly, pumping ladies weirdly, Agent Whitney, Roddy McDowell, James Doohan, Will Robinson, the "Don't call me Junior" escape, owning only one shirt, and isn't family great. Read More
  • Detective Knight: Redemption

    Detective Knight: Redemption

    Bruce Willy picks up a shotgun and blasts a bunch of evil Santas. Sounds fun, right? Well its both worse and sadder than that. We discuss the first film, the kindness of friends in the end, the "commercialization of Xmas", Dead Man on Campus, solving crime via itineraries, how grenades work, bad office gifts, blanket immunity deals for terrorists and how we saw goodbye at Christmas time. Read More
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Stinker Madness - Bad Movie Podcast

The only place to come for Stinkers (bad movies)

Stinker Madness is a bad movie comedy podcast that loves horrible films that might actually be wonderful little gems. Or they could suck. We do our best to filter out the good movies from the bad films and pass the savings on to you. It's our goal to find the best worst movies of all time.

Here you can listen to all episodes of the Stinker Madness podcast where we review bad movies. You'll also find access to download or stream each of our episodes. Be sure to comment and give us your thoughts on the show and movies.

With 2 episodes each week and at least four cult, budget and "bad" movies reviewed each week, this is the show for the true bad movie lover.

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What the folks are saying...

  • Get to the chopper Read More
    Bad Movie Sunday They don't stink. The movies do. They aren't mad (well 2 out of 3 ain't bad) the movies are. Every week Sam, Jackie (Jacquie, Jacky or Jackey) and Justin go out of their way to bring somewhat of a quality show. From skits to Streaming Do's and Donts to Good Neighbour/Bad Neighbour and the worst superpower game ever. In the midst of that, they manage to review a "bad movie". It's by far one of the best if not the best independent bad movie podcast out there.
  • The Movies May Be Stinkers, But This Show is Roses Read More
    Lityippee If you are looking for a good time listening to people talk about bad movies, then this is for you. The movies are as obscure as some of the references used by the hosts, but that is what makes it enjoyable. These guys, and lady, are hitting their stride and making a quality podcast. Keep up the good work.
  • snarky commentary mst3k -style Read More
    stephie794 these guys are really great at ripping apart bad movies just like Rifftrax or the number 1 movie podcast How did this get made? don't drink while you are listening or you may snort it through your nose from laughing so hard
  • Love this show Read More
    TalkBlocked As a fan of bad movies, I can relate to these guys. The hosts know their stuff and put a lot of energy and details towards their discussions. Highly recommend.
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