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Prelude to The Wraith

Prelude to The Wraith
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Presented by Barret Jaxson and the Dodge M4S. Charlie Sheen makes a special appearance to tell us all about it.

Its finally time to review the most awesome concept car movie of all time, 1986's The Wraith. This film stars Charlie Sheen, Sherilyn Fenn, Randy Quaid, Clint Howard, Nick Cassavettes and the Dodge M4S. Sweeeeeeet! Vengeance always demands a K-Car. Thanks Lee Iaccoca!

You'll want to be sure to check this movie out. It's very under-appreciated and seldom discussed, but it can't be missed!

The Wraith (Special Edition)

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About The Wraith - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Written and directed by Mike Marvin who got off to a promising start when he directed Hamburger the Motion Picture.  Things subsequently went downhill starting with his next film The Wraith. He has enjoyed 11 directorial credits. Most of them are boobie movies. He did later write Hot Dog the Movie which some hold a distant second to Ski School. I hold Ski School second to Better Off Dead. Mike Marvin also wrote the episode of McGyver titled: Target McGyver.

The Wraith does make one all time list. Not the one you want, though.  It ranks highly on the List of Film Accidents. Bruce Ingram, a camera operator, was killed and another member of the crew seriously injured when the camera car turned over during one of the high speed chases.

Carlos Esteves is the star if this film.

 The film also features one Sherilyn Fenn, who last week, Justin couldn't remember and claimed to be a former desire of one me. This could not be farther from the truth as Sherilyn Fenn is the sexual desire of one Justin, host of this program. For some years all that came out of his mouth was "Sherilyn Fenn this Sherilyn Fenn that, I can’t hang out anymore I have to go donate semen to the Fenn Fund." Editors note - Jackie and Justin later conferred about this and both distinctly remember a day shortly after discovering The Wraith back in 2010, sharing the film with Sam and mentioning that Fenn gets her boobs out. Both remember Sam saying, "Whoa, I've been waiting since Twin Peaks to see those."

Randy Quaid and Clint Howard co-star as well as one Nick Cassavetes, Son of John Cassavetes, if you don’t know the latter spend a day at the library, many of his films are there. Griffin O’Neal, son of Ryan O’Neal also makes an appearance.

Stan Bush (The Touch) has 17 albums. The problem with karaoke in America is that the Touch by Stan Bush is nowhere to be found.

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment is responsible for the DVD release, which speaks to the films quality.

The black car featured in the movie was a real-life technological wonder, the Dodge M4S. A joint effort of the Dodge Division of Chrysler Motors and PPG Industries, one of the highly sophisticated PPG Pace Cars for the PPG-CART Indy Car World Series. The M4S was designed and constructed at an estimated cost of $1.5 million, and featured performance and technology to match that lofty figure. The innovative body design was developed in the Chrysler studios, while PPG developed the finish - a special bronze pearl paint job formulated just for this car. The M4S was powered by a Chrysler 2.2-liter four-cylinder one-of-a-kind engine that exceeded 194 mph.  0-60 in 4.1 seconds.  The car is currently in the Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills Michigan.

Johnny Depp, who was then dating Sherilyn Fenn, was present during filming and was living in the film crew's hotel with Fenn.

Although listed as Plymouth Caravelles in other notes. The cop cars and Loomis's car are Dodge 600s as Caravelles have a plain grille and 600s have the cross-hair grille.

Keep an eye out for:

1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z,  1977 Pontiac Firebird.  1966 Barracuda and a Triumph TR6.  Apparently the highly visible super charger on the Firebird is non-functional.

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The Wraith
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

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