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Volcano: Fire on the Mountain

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The 90's most Xtreme dude finds himself on an erupting ski slope. We're gonna shred some gnar over that volcano right?

What we've got here is another Zombeavers. You want to talk about a great premise and setup for a fun disaster film that you won't ever forget? This is it. Dan Cortese in the late 90's on the slopes. A volcano surrounded by snow ready to blow. A deadbeat dad that doesn't care if his son is dead. A character named Stan in a volcano movie!!! Yet, Dan doesn't shred the slopes and jump over the volcano. The volcano and snow face off is vague and stupid. When the deadbeat dad gets his justs deserts its unclear if he even dies. And Stan does NOT ever chuck a man. Booooo....

Seriously this could have been as successful as Sharknado (and its 5 sequels) 16 years ahead had they just got away from the Meredith Baxter Burney formula of made-for-tv movies. I guess ABC wasn't willing to put any mustard behind their content back in '97.  Why take a chance with your movie destined to be completely forgotten?

Yeah you can skip Volcano: Fire on the Mountain

Individual Ratings:

Over the top action:2-star
Cheesy effects:3-star
Horrendous acting:3-star
Ridiculous stunts:2-star
Gratuitous nudity:0-star
Memorable one-liners:1-star
Nonsensical Plot:3-star


Overall Ratings:

Good Movie Quality: 3-star
Bad Movie Quality:5-star

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Tuesday, 28 June 2022

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