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It's the second film from Stinker Madness stalwart, Andy Sidaris. No, it's not that one with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. It's the story of seven agency operatives taking down seven criminal overlords on lovely Hawaii for the price of seven million dollars. It's got all the classic staples from Andy and we love it! At least the first hour and 23 minutes, because we haven't seen the end of this film.

WHAT?!?! You're going to do a review of a movie you haven't seen all of? Nope we aren't. Sorry to disappoint guys. There's not going to be a review in this one. However, it's quite important to still discuss this film and how we watched it. We were forced to watch this film on YouTube. Because it's not available by any other means. That's right you can't get your hands on this film. It's not for sale. Now here's the real rub. The YouTube copy cuts out at 83 minutes with an ad for a Japanese porno site. Nice. The real fun thing is that this movie keeps getting removed for copyright infringement by the copyright owner. They have that right. But if you're going to do that then make it available to buy, please. Idiots. (It should be noted that friend of the show, Arlene Sidaris does NOT own the rights to this film. We believe that Hugh Hefner does.)

Anyways, there's still plenty of a good time in the 83 minutes we did see. It's an odd film in that it is a heist movie with nothing being stolen. It's setup and paced as a heist movie with the recruitment of a team of individuals with unique skill sets, a elaborate and difficult plan with only a small window of time to execute it and only one try allowed, quick interlaced cuts between moments of actions between the individual players, and so forth. But the story is just some guys taking down some bad guys. It makes for alot of fun and is VERY well edited. From what we saw, this may be Andy Sidaris' best directed film. 

William Smith is the man. He's swarthy and action-packed but still not too "tough" to get into some Andy Sidaris silly business and deliver the comedy. He's great. His team is also pretty rad with TK portraying the fastest and most athletic action guy but doesn't use those skills to get his job done. Elexa is sassy and tough, but still very feminine in her role. You can clearly see that she is the foundation for the later Sidaris films with Donna and Taryn. The Professor is ridiculous. He's a retiree living in Rancho Cucamonga who spends his evenings dining ladies and assassinating evil guys with missiles. Cowboy and Jenny team up well together with Cowboy exploiting his partner's body to get the job down. 

We really loved the first 83 minutes of Seven. Hopefully we'll be able to get a fully copy from a listener in the next few weeks and can update this review.

Prelude to I Know Who Killed Me
Prelude to Seven

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Saturday, 23 September 2023

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