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Prelude to Stone Cold

Prelude to Stone Cold
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We open this one with a production meeting for the sequel to Stone Cold. Brian Bosworth discusses ideas.

Take one Brian "The Boz" Bosworth, put him in the role of one tough cop and let him do his own hair and costumes and you've got 1991's Stone Cold directed by stinker staple Craig R. Baxley. It's one of Justin's favorite bad movies so get jacked!

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About Stone Cold - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Directed by Craig R. Baxley, who started as a stunt performer but rose to the position of Director. He is notable for such Stinker Madness Episodes as Action Jackson.  Other films include, most likely future episode; I Come in Peace. Baxley hit the TV scene pretty hard as a director as well, credits include; Silencing Mary and Twisted Desire, both staring Melissa Joan Hart. Because what Clarrisa realy knows best is how to get sexyish after her show gets cancelled.

Brian Bosworth is the star of Stone Cold, mostly because Bo Jackson ran his ass over on the way to touchdown city. A city, of course, where Bo Jackson was mayor.   Brian was known in his football days as the Boz. The Boz was known for his flamboyant attitude and reckless hairstyles as much as for his play on the field. During the 1987 Orange Bowl he was on the sidelines wearing a shirt that read National Communists Against Athletes. He was wearing that shirt and not playing because he had tested positive for steroids. Tested by those fucking pinko commies at the NCAA. Hopefully history will remember them for being unfair to him like that, because the Boz totally isn’t a butthole. His professional career got off to a dubious start as he had sent out letters to teams who he would and wouldn’t play for. Rumor has it that everyone in the league besides the Raiders got the letter. The Seahawks drafted him anyway. He waivered from his attrition after they signed him to the largest rookie deal ever and the largest contract in team history; $11 million over ten years. In 1987 it was a big deal, Peyton Manning. His 3 seasons were marred by injury and poor play but reeked of trash talk anyway. Denver fans bought 10,000 “BAN THE BOZ” tshirts for a home game against Seattle. Little did they know the shirts were manufactured by Bozworth himself. He also boasted that he would contain Bo Jackson in a game later the same season. This was the afformentioned truck hitting a dog game. Jackson finished with 221 Rushing yards.

Lance Henriksen shows up for this ho-down.

This is Stinker Madness’ first look at shitty movie great William Forsythe. I couldn’t stand looking at the guy when I was a kid, I think I don’t like portly tough guys.  Probably because I don’t like myself. Now I can’t wait to see him. One of my complaints about Leonardo DeCaprio is that he is just doing a shitty William Forsythe in all his movies.

Ironically, this film and the 1991 action film "Double Impact" starring Van Damme (and Van Damme), were both produced by Michael Douglas's company Stone Group Pictures. Douglas is staunch anti-gun activist. Both films feature heavy gun use. Aparently Douglass likes cash more than he hates guns.

The first cut of this film got an NC17.

It is apparently the Boz’ actual bike in the movie.

The film enjoyed a box office of $9.1m against a budget of $25m.

Stone Cold

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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

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