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Prelude to Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Prelude to Hard Ticket to Hawaii
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We open this episode with Justin applying for The Agency, the guns, girls and g-strings government group from the Andy Sidaris films.

We take up our second Andy Sidaris film with Hard Ticket to Hawaii. It's a fun film that we all love with busty ladies, fun jokes, crazy assasins, huge explosions and an evil snake. What more could you want?

We also end this episode with a fine interview between Sam and the film's producer, Arlene Sidaris. Make sure to listen to that and also be sure to visit andysidaris.com and pick up a copy of the Girls, Guns and G-Strings collection (which includes Hard Ticket to Hawaii). Its one of the best DVD collections out there. 12 movies for only $9.98?!?!

Streaming Do's and Don'ts

Good Neighbor, Bad Neighbor Malibu Express Edition

  • Coby Abilene
  • The Buffingtons
  • The Two Chicks from the Other Boat (Fay & May)

About Hard Ticket to Hawaii - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Hard Ticket was directed by the man, the NOT myth, the legend, Andy Sidaris. If you listened to the prelude episode of Malibu Express you would know of his many great accolades. If you didn’t, you should go do that and also go to Andy Sidaris Dot Com.

Hard Ticket to Hawaii was the introduction to two Sidaris main stays in Donna Speir and Cinthia Brimhall. Both were former playmates in Playboy prior to taking their respective roles in the Malibu Bay Films series. In an interview I conducted with Producer of this and the subsequent Malibu Bay Films, Arlene Sidaris, it was revealed that beyond any other reason, to which I am sure there were multiples, they were retained for their fit in the roles they were chosen. Donna would star in this film through Fit to Kill. Brimhall would appear in all but Savage Beach though, again, Fit to kill.

Another playmate, Hope Marie Carlton, would star alongside Speir as her trusty partner through this and the next two films, concluding with Savage Beach. According to Arlene Sidaris there was some issues with Carlson continuing as her agent convinced her she was meant for bigger things. History will prove that agent wrong. I have a soft spot for Carlson.  Check that, I have a very hard spot for Carlson and the Hard Ticket she takes in this film as well as the next two in the series. Ned Nederlander said it best about himself through the voice of another woman from his past, in his own words… when he said: “Young man, you have got it”. Whatever it is, she had it too. In Defense of history vs. her agent, when you search for Donna Speir or Cynthia Brimhall, there is no shortage of links, many leading to information regarding Malibu Bay Films. When you Google Hope Marie Carlson you can’t find a lot and the 5th link down is a list of 1985 playmates, because she is on that.  Despite her lack of internet prescence, she maintains acting credits to the tune of 24 on IMDB.

Arlene Sidaris, Producer of this film, revealed they were unable to secure funding to this project and used their house as collateral. She also stated that situation as being the reason for her assuming the role of Producer as, if her house was on the line, she was signing the checks. She did tell me that Andy could sign the checks, but he didn’t. As it turns out someone in the Sidaris household won the sports Emmys while someone else (Arlene) wore the pants. In her words “There was a good cop and a bad cop, can you guess which one was the bad cop?”. She [Arlene] didn’t allow for fast and loose long weekends during filming as well.

Ron Moss receives top billing. He will not reprise his role.

This film marks the point where women assume full lead in the series. In the first film, Malibu Express, Hinton’s Cody Abilene is the primary focus, though the female characters are more capable in every respect and skill that he tries to possess. Though Moss receives top billing he will not re-appear in subsequent films and Speir is the star.

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Hard Ticket to Hawaii
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