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Prelude to Point Break (1991)

Prelude to Point Break (1991)
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Johnny Utah finally graces our presence in Kathryn Bigelow's second appearance on the show. Can it POSSIBLY be a good movie? Can it be a bad movie that everyone thinks is good? Or is it just the same as her Near Dark and just meh? Least Busey is in it.

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The Great Superpower Debate

Telekinesis limited to 8 ft range and 40 lbs. - 6.5 stars

About Point Break - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Despite winning Academy Award both for Best Picture and Best Director, Kathryn Bigelow is making her second visit to the Stinker Studios. We will of course remember her first visit, Near Dark, though we have all tried to forget, so hard we try. If she does as good as she did with Zero Dark 30 again there will be no denying her a second set of Oscars, likewise she could be back here for K-19: The Widowmaker, if one of us were so inclined.

I hit the streets to ask people how they felt about Point Break and the subsequent remake. The responses were a near universal “no” to the question of should there have been a remake. The mostly wide praise the film seems to have, with those who I have mingled with in social scenarios and also when I posed the question to several of the local art house theater employees, similarities in that everyone thinks they like it and no one has bothered to watch it in ten years. It should be noted that the pretty girl who sold me my soda stared me straight in the eye and ever so slowly stated that she hated it, the tone of her voice led me to believe that it was one of her least favorite films. Gary Busy is cited as a reason to why the film is “good” by those who I have questioned over the last week. I generally recommend Eye of the Tiger, Bulletproof and Silver Bullet to those who think his performance in this film elevates the schlock around him.

Keanu Reeves grew up right in front of us, slowly. For his role in this film he spent a lot of time learning to surf. He also shadowed FBI agents to how the whole crime fighting business works.  He worked with one of the UCLA quarterbacks to seem convincing as a former college quarterback. With all of that going on he must not have had any time to read his lines or practice them, which he probably sees in hind sight as being a bigger deal than that other shit.

Matthew Broderick, Johnny Depp, Val Kilmer and Charlie Sheen were all considered for the role of Johnny Utah, which is a stupid name, I should mention.  Ridley Scott was the original choice for director, sadly he hadn’t started making shit yet. 

One of the biggest questions the film begs is; what actually happens to Bodhi at the end? James Cameron “confessed” in an interview that Bodhi dies at the end. Which then begs this question from me;  who the fuck d you think you are James Cameron? Mind your own fucking business douche twat.

Swayze’s Bodhi isn’t spelled the same as Bodhai in Solarbabies, but both films feature James LeGros. Busey, Lori Petty, John McGinley and Chris Pederson round out the major cast. Anthony Kiedes makes an appearance, and sucks. 

KAEOF:  Which presidents are on the masks. Keep an eye out for what kind of sandwich Johnny Utah orders which may confirm The Fast and the Furious being the original remake of this film. Finally, watch out for an uncredited Tommy Siezmore.

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Point Break (1991)
Point Break (2015)

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