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Prelude to Megaforce

Prelude to Megaforce
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Brought to you by MegaB.U.T.T. - the elite force that takes over saving the world when Megaforce is just too busy doing nothing.

It's time to complete Karl's Inaction in Action trilogy with the tour de force that is Megaforce. Barry Bostwick and team must do........something? Sadly, there is no Streaming Do's and Don'ts but instead we've got some great tools to use to watch and record online movies free and legally.

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Two great Reddits for finding excellent bad movies on YouTube. http://www.reddit.com/r/badMovies/ and http://www.reddit.com/r/fullmoviesonyoutube

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What is a:

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What is the difference between visual effects and special effects?

About Megaforce - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

The largest film budgets of 1982, that I can find reports on are as follows: 

  • Inchon ($46mil)
  • Blade Runner ($28mil)
  • Gandhi ($22mil)
  • Firefox ($21m)
  • The Best Little Whore House in Texas ($20.5mil)

Ringing in at 20 million dollars, MegaforceET was released this year and was the winner at the box office, pulling down $435mil. ET cost $10.5mil. The Wrath of Khan cost $10.7mil ($74 mil in return).

Budget is one of the factors I take into consideration when judging this film. When watching Megaforce the burning question is; What does Megaforce do? One thing I would have thought Megaforce capable of is leading the way in box office disasters of 1982.  Well tragically Megaforce cant even trail-blaze failure as its $5.6 million return pails in comparison to Inchon’s $5.2 million return against a $46 million budget. 

As a side note, when wondering how bad a movie can fail, Inchon basically sets the bar.  It was so poorly receive that it was never released on videocassette or DVD.  In terms of buried there is deep and there is so deep it is next to Inchon.

Megaforce was directed by the Hollywood stalwart Hal Needham.  You will remember Hal Needam from his frequent collaborations with Burt Reynolds which were generally smash hits.  Some include Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, The Cannonball Run and Stroker Ace.  If you were a Hollywood producer or investor you couldn’t feel any safer about a 20 million dollar budget.  He also directed Rad and The Villain with Kirk Douglas and Arnold Schwartzenegger.  Hal Needam preceded his 20 directorial credits with 101 stunt credits.  

Barry Bostwick is most notably Brad Majors in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you are not all into that, you may know him from his various television roles where he plays good hair doofy guy, a role he held for some years as the Mayor in MJF’s Spin City.  I know him as Ace Fucking Hunter in Megaforce

Micheal Beck was somehow able to avoid a Razzie nomination for Xanadu, he was unable to avoid the nod for his work in Megaforce.  In Xanadu, his character contributes to a really stupid animation.  In Megaforce, his character contributes to an animation that may be the stupidest of all time.

Persis Khambata was, I guess, okay as the bald lady who says "Veeger" a lot in Star Trek the Motion Picture.  She blows some serious ass as Major Zarah. 

The very familiar Edward Mulhare plays General Byrne-White, which is hyphenated because Megaforce is very socially progressive.  General Byrne-White is part of possibly the only thing that actually happens in Megaforce.

Henry Silva plays Duke Gurerra. One of his rare non psychotic roles.

Keep an eye out for Duke’s lighter, or is it Ace’s lighter.

The movie Team America World Police is based on Megaforce.

Producers approached military officials for cooperation in the design of the vehicles used in the battle scenes; the officials refused. When the film was released, those same officials were so impressed with the vehicles, they asked the producers for the plans. The producers cooperated.

All Megaforce soldiers except one wear a flag patch of their country on their left sleeve. However, Dallas wears a Confederate flag.

Dallas is a dickhole.  That is Michael Beck's character.

Some Megaforce trivia:

The Motorcycles are Delta MK 4 Megafighters

The dune buggies are Megadestroyers or Megacruisers.

The vehicles are painted with photosensitive camoflauge that turns black at night and stays ridiculous looking during the day, when camouflage would be most useful.

There was supposed to be a sequel called Deeds not Words.  I cry at night because that sequel was never made.  

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