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Prelude to Dreamcatcher

Prelude to Dreamcatcher
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Duddits is the man of the week as we go back to one of the most surprisingly bad (we mean bad) blockbusters of all time. It's 2003's Stephen King based Dreamcatcher starring every single actor ever!

I gotta admit, whomever cut that trailer did an epic job of polishing a turd. It really looks like a good movie. Way to mask all the poop monster stuff!

Streaming Do's and Don'ts

Well we didn't watch any streaming movies. Stupid Xmas planning. 

However Jackie and Justin watched San Andreas and really should have been thrown under the bus by critics. It stinks!

The Great Superpower Debate

 Sound Effect and Vocal Replication AKA Michael Winslow from Police Academy

About Dreamcatcher - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

We’ll start with a quote from the author of the book Dreamcatcher, Steven King: “I don’t like Dreamcatcher very much”. King wrote the hand wrote the book in cursive as a rehabilitation exercise after a 1999 car accident. It is reported that he sold the rights for $1. The novel is a sprawling 800 pages and the movie is 133 minutes. Beyond King, the critics seem to also strongly dislike the novel. Of the reviews I read that were comparing the two the general consensus was that what little good writing there was in the book didn’t make it into the movie. There also seems to be a general consensus that Donnie Wahlberg did a fine job recreating Duddits from the novel, which I find baffling. It would appear that the whittling down of the large work left the characters and situation fairly underdeveloped. There was also a lot that ended up on the floor, for instance why it was called Dreamcatcher. I will talk more about these differences in the main episode.

Lawrence Kasden first two screenplays were The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark. His first directorial effort was Body Heat with William Hurt and Kathleen Turner. He would then not only experience the highs and lows of the film industry, but almost set the peak and valley. The Big Chill is universally lauded while his next film, Silverado is largely seen as the death of the western genre. Grand Canyon was a commercial failure but a critical success. The Bodygaurd holds a 32% on rotten tomatoes despite grossing $411 million. While George P. Cosmatos’ film Tombstone made ground resurrecting the western, Kasdan’s Wyatt Earp started putting nails back in the coffin. Mumford was viewed as charming but fared poorly commercially. In Dreamcatcher he must have seen a comeback. He invested himself fully in the project as producer, writer and director. It would be 9 years before he would work again. He is listed as the principal screenwriter for The Force Awakens.

When the finest actor in your troupe is Jason Lee, and you’re not Kevin Smith, you’re in trouble. Beyond Lee this was supposed to be a career maker for Tom Jane, Tim Olyhphant and Damian Lewis. It was supposed to be a comeback film for Tommy Sizemore. I guess it worked out for Donnie Wahlberg, though I am not sure how or why. Morgan Freeman is in this movie, but Driving Miss Daisy, he is not. In the case of Mr. Jane, he did it because his mom told him too. I wonder if she told him to do a shitty job too. I wonder if Tom Jane’s mom showed up on set and said; “hey everybody, you should all crap this thing up real nice”, and then everyone obliged her.

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever

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Monday, 27 September 2021

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