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Prelude to She-Devil

Prelude to She-Devil
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Roseanne Barr and Meryll Streep join up to deliver the yucks and yuck is what they deliver in a tale about a scorned middle-American housewife revengifying the atrocities committed upon her person and also liberating womankind from oppressions. She just makes things worse....

Listener Feedback

Brad Slager AKA @martinishark

Flattered, coming from an expert. You guys can NOT deprive us of SMABFAS! Gut it out!!!! (he says from the frigid climes of So. Florida)

Take a look at Brad's Worst of 2016 list!


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The Wild Card - The Great Superpower Debate

  • Gun Butt - 3/10 Stars

About She-Devil - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Susan Siedleman’s career was off to a promising start with such films as Desperately Seeking Susan and Cookie. She apparently did not know that the source material, The Life and Loves of a She Devil, by Fay Weldon, had previously been adapted to critical acclaim, by the BBC, not 3 years earlier. But you have already gotten dressed and gone to the dance so you may as well spike the punch and have a regrettable sexual episode, or in this case keep making the movie that will kill your career. Siedleman didn’t do the worst job with the film but a luke warm response is as bad as a poor one when you are remaking something that the BBC just knocked out of the park 3 years prior, which would of course mean that it was most likely hitting Masterpiece Theater stateside not too far before the theatric release. It would be like having sex with a woman directly after she had sex with a 28 year old Antonio Banderas, or me. Either way Siedleman will end up making skinemax movies and pictures where chimpanzees are executives. She has plenty of career left so here’s hoping she catches a break.

It was thought that Meryl Streep couldn’t do comedy, which is one of the reasons she chose this picture. As it turned out grabbing the first comedy that came along after the comment wouldn’t help things, nor would that piece of crap that just came out where she plays rock mom.

This wouldn’t ding up Rosanne Bar’s career, she would do that herself, mostly with the singing of the national anthem. This was shot during the break between season one and two of Rosanne, that show that snuck life lessons and drama into our comedy block and one of the rare times American television got it right on it’s own.

There is a decent ensemble cast featuring Ed Begley Jr. and Linda Hunt, to name a couple. Era-specific pop culture cameos are provided by Sally Jesse Raphael and Robin Leach, ensuring the picture will age like Rumple Minze left in the sun.

KAEOF: Who does the best job acting, who does the worst job acting and is this a bad movie, a victim or poor release or is it a horrible movie?

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Sunday, 25 February 2024

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