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Prelude to Deadly Prey

Prelude to Deadly Prey
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Brought to you by Cutoffs and Mullets. Do you love white-trash reality shows? Then you'll love the newest reality show to hit TLC!

David A. Prior brings to us his brother Ted, with one of the best hair-dos ever to make the big time. It's another possible "Hall of Fame" candidate that has a series of "10 star" user reviews on IMDB. This thing better deliver because it looks like its going to.

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Whatcho Talkin' Bout Willis?

If you are a super rich hunting afficionado, and you could hunt anything from any movie, what would it be?

About Deadly Prey - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Written & Directed by David A. Pryor. 

In 1986 Director (David Winters), upset after being overruled on a casting decision for Thrashin '​, made the professional decision to control all aspects of future projects he worked on. Winters' first choice was a pre-21 Jump Street Johnny Depp who was cast in the film together with Depp's girlfriend at the time, Sherilyn Fenn, but after three attempts to get Depp approved by the producer, Winters had no choice but to recast, ultimately casting Josh Brolin, who would go on to win acting awards for his roles in the films W.,No Country for Old Men,Milk and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Ironically, Brolin was first offered, and turned down, the role of Tom Hansen on 21 Jump Street - which ultimately went to Depp. 

Winters made the professional decision to control all aspects of future projects.  AIP (Action International Pictures) was organized by Winters with partners;  David A. Prior and Peter Yuval.

Between 1988 & 1994 AIP produced 17 films and distributed 41.  In 1992, Winters bought out the other 2 interests and re-branded the company West Side Studios in self recognition of his 30 year involvement with West Side Story, the Broadway production.

Of the 17 films produced by AIP, 15 were written and directed by David A. Pryor.  Pryor has served as writer/director on over 30 projects. Including the 2013 sequel to this film, Deadliest Prey, with his brother Ted Pryor reprising the role of Danton.

Ted Pryor has starred in numerous films directed by his brother.  So many that one of his 37 credits may be for someone else, but I couldn't find it.

Cameron Mitchell is credited as being one of the founders of the Actors Studio in New York.  He had an amazing career that ended with him doing some really shitty movies including this one, Frankenstein's Island, Kung Fu Cannibals and Action USA which we have seen in the last month. 

Troy Donahue was a 50s and 60s sex symbol, most notable for Surfside Six which aired from 60-62.  In 1962 he claimed to be receiving 5000-7500 fan letters a week. 

This film was never released on DVD.  AIP films seem to not be getting the love.

One of Winters directorial efforts from this era, Space Mutiny, Received the MST3K treatment.  Cameron Mitchell was also in that movie.

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Deadly Prey

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Sunday, 25 February 2024

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