Hell Comes to Frogtown
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Donald G. Jackson, Roddy Piper, Sandahl Bergman, and Steve Wang all completely nail it in Hell Comes to Frogtown. It can be argued that there is no funner "bad movie" ever made, especially when how much little money was spent. Sam Hell enters Frogtown to gets some fertile women rescued and then make sweet sweet love to them. This movie rocks.

We'll start with our dearly departed Roddy. There's no one out there that could have done a better job with the role of Sam Hell. Period. Roddy nails the role. He's snide, sarcastic, witty, action-packed, intense, funny, and charming. Sam Hell can rival just about anyone out there as for likable characters. Sam Hell is just as lovable as Ash (Evil Dead) or Danton (Deadly Prey). The guy is bad ass and too much fun.

The movie does so much with so little. They spent the money very wisely with splurging on set pieces that matter and not spending money on anything that doesn't matter to the story or the level of fun. Locations are chosen well and the costumes are minimal, especially when compared to other post-apocalyptic movies that usually spend all of the money on things that just don't matter.

Sandahl Bergman is brilliant in anything we've ever seen her in and this is no exception. She delivers. Her character is strong and tough and clearly able to be in charge, all while maintaining a huge level of femininity including awkward sexy business. Wow. More Sandahl Bergman please.

Lastly, the makeup is fantastic. The frogs are not cheesy looking, with great robotic eyes that move independently with blinking. Steve Wang did as good as job as Stan Winstone or Tom Savini ever did, again with very little money. Toot your horn on this one Scott. It's a masterpiece.

Our problem with this film is that its considered a bad movie. It's NOT. This is a high quality, well executed piece with absolutely no flaws. The acting is spot on, the effects are top notch, the story properly delivered, the script is incredible and the very well spent money make this a perfectly made film. Sure if you were to tell someone who has never heard of it that its a movie about a guy with superior sperm has to free some sexy ladies from giant mutated frogs it sounds like a typical bad movie. But this film is as high quality as 90% of films out there.

Individual Ratings:

Over the top action:4-star
Cheesy effects:0-star
Horrendous acting:0-star
Ridiculous stunts:4-star
Gratuitous nudity:2-star
Memorable one-liners:5-star

Overall Ratings:

Good Movie Quality: 7-star
Bad Movie Quality:9-star