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Deadbeat at Dawn

Deadbeat at Dawn
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It took four years and many many punches, but the final product is a roller coaster of a stinker. Jim Van Bebber's gang-revenge film has one of the craziest final fights ever captured in film.

Along the way is a series of bonkers sequences that may or may not work for everyone but it's still a wild ride. The first 2/3 of the film is pretty slow, if we are honest. You have your typical "gang murdered my babe and now I gotta get me some revenge" plot but it seems there just wasn't enough material to have just that plot line. The film would have been about 30 minutes if it stuck to the plan. So there's alot of scenes that seem to be put in as time fillers. These time fillers setup the protagonist's (Goose) life and universe but they have very little to do with anything and can be a little tedious to get past.

Once the movie hits the gas pedal though, watch out! The last 1/3 of the film is some seriously ridiculous action. Goose's handling of the attacks on him and his subsequent attacking of the gang members rivals Danton (Deadly Prey). He kicks some serious ass. He dispatches about 30 guys in less than 20 minutes. He's offing guys at a rate of 1.5 per minute. It's awesome. 

It's not just the numbers. Some of the methods Goose and the other guys employ in fighting are incredible. At one point, someone attacks Goose with what we believe to be a railroad tie. Nunchucks fly (because all biker gangs know how to use nunchucks). One character (a member of the Spiders called Bonecrusher) gets killed 5 different ways. 

The final fight between Goose and the antagonist (Danny, leader of the Spiders) is intense, stunning and incredibly violent. Even veterans of action might be surprised by the level of violence in this fight between two guys. It is better than the fight in They Live, which most believe to be the finest of alley fights.

Deadbeat at Dawn isn't the most exciting of movies and most might walk away but the end is so worth the trip that we say it's a good choice for any fan of the genres of budget, action, or revenge films.

Individual Ratings:

Over the top action:4-star
Cheesy effects:2-star
Horrendous acting:3-star
Ridiculous stunts:5-star
Gratuitous nudity:2-star
Memorable one-liners:1-star

Overall Ratings:

Good Movie Quality: 3-star
Bad Movie Quality:6-star

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Saturday, 24 February 2024

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