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Year 1: Year in Review: Part 1

year in review part 1

Listen to the Stinker Madness Episode

If you listen to just 1 episode of Stinker Madness this year, it needs to be this one (oh and part 2).

Its been an entire year of Stinker Madness and we put this extra special episode together in honor of the occasion. It's the Top Ten Bad Movies we saw in the last year. Each of us put down our favorites and we each recap what we loved about them. These are the films that cannot be missed. We highly recommend any movie fan to sit down with any of these films. We dare you to not like them. Dare! Dare!

In part 1, we each go through numbers 10 through 5.

Jackie's 10 though 5 Best Bad Movies

10. The Wicker Man

9. Deadly Prey

8. The Vineyard

7. Soultaker

6. Dead Heat

5. Winter's Tale

Sam's 10 though 5 Best Bad Movies

10. Young Warriors

9. Never Too Young Too Die

8. Malibu Express

7. Hell Squad

6. Deathrace 2000

5. The Man from Hong Kong

Justins's 10 though 5 Best Bad Movies

10. Teen Witch

9. No Holds Barred

8. Dead Heat

7. Ninja III: The Domination

6. The Beastmaster

5. Machete

Check out part 2 here

Thanks for listening to us over the last year and we look forward to the next year of stinkers.

Year 1 Episodes Collage

In this image is each and every poster from all 44 episodes of our Year 1 movies. Try to guess them all. Answers below:

episode collage 1 1000px full

Download the 5000px version of this image!

episode collage 1 1000px

Download the 5000px version of this image!

  1. Action Jackson
  2. Noah
  3. Home Alone 3
  4. Hell Squad
  5. Bending the Rules
  6. Freejack
  7. Left Behind
  8. Masters of the Universe
  9. Undefeatable
  10. Over the Top
  11. The Beastmaster
  12. The Man from Hong Kong
  13. Half Past Dead
  14. Xanadu
  15. Showdown in Little Tokyo
  16. Damnation Alley
  17. Never too Young to Die
  18. Star Wars Holiday Special
  19. Splash
  20. Teen Witch
  21. Leprechaun
  22. Gigli
  23. Flash Gordon
  24. Need for Speed
  25. Deathrace 2000
  26. The Love Guru
  27. Deadly Prey
  28. Cobra
  29. Invasion USA
  30. Bad Taste
  31. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  32. Catwoman
  33. Malibu Express
  34. He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special
  35. Girls Just Want To Have Fun
  36. Journey to the Far Side of the Sun
  37. A Star is Born
  38. The Wicker Man
  39. The Delta Force
  40. Jason X
  41. Mercenaries
  42. Spice World
  43. Beowulf
  44. Expendables 3
Prelude to The Fast and the Furious (1955)


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