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Prelude to Yor: The Hunter from the Future

Prelude to Yor: The Hunter from the Future
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For years, Sam has been praising Yor: The Hunter from the Future and now its finally time to share it's hunky goodness with the rest of the world. Let the scantily clad ladies fill our eyeballs. Plus we don't talk about Star Wars OR Christmas!

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Sam's Boring Bullshit

Yor was directed by Antonio Margheriti, who, for his various films financed in the US, would adopt the pseudonym Anthony M. Dawson. Apparently the closest translation of Margheriti was daisies and he was advised that no one wanted to watch a movie that was directed by Tony Daisies, unless that movie involved penises in other men’s butts. That last part was me filling in the blanks. Margheriti was already a stalwart veteran of budget films. In 1965 executives at MGM saw Assignment Outer Space and Battle of the Worlds, two of the first Italian space movies, and immediately gave him a four film deal. He would complete those four films in three months. They are known as The Gamma One Series, though not directly related. The first film in the series, Wild Wild Planet is one of my future picks. He would behave similarly in this instance, Columbia would finance this film but he made a four part miniseries totaling 286 minutes with the shoe string budget that was originally allotted for a single film. He would go ahead and carve it down and give Columbia what they wanted, but with the longer cut he was able to co-opt it for Italian television. 

Margheriti would also work for 20th Century Fox and UA. As such he was the only Italian national who worked directly for the studios at that time. Some of his other films include some more of my future picks in: Take the Hard Ride with Lee Van Cleef, Fred Williamson and Jim Brown, as well as The Stranger and the Gunfighter starring Van Cleef and Lo Lieh, a film done for Shaw Brothers in 1974. There may be like 15 picks in this guy’s filmography. He is as heavy a hitter as there is. He and Corbucci are my favorite Italian directors of the period, I think it’s the only thing Tarantino and I agree upon. It should be noted that there was a fifth film made in the Gamma One Series, The Green Slime, probably also a future pick and done by another of my favorite directors, Kinji Fujasaku.

This is based on the comic series by Juan Zanotto. Zanotto is like an Italian Stan Lee with the sensibilities of Frank Frazetta. 

Reb Brown is making his first formal appearance to the program. We did a mini review of his dubious Captain America Dualogy some months ago. He will be back for future episode Space Mutiny, which is of course an AIP film. He will possibly be back for his team ups with Lou Ferrigno; Cage and Cage 2 or the two Bruno Mattei films; Strike Commando and Robowar. He played fullback for USC in ’67. He has done a lot of TV. An anomaly in his career was when he was nominated by the Australian Film Institute for Best Lead Actor in a Dramatic Role for the film Death of a Soldier.

Corinne Clery may be back due to her choices of film roles. She would best be known as Corrine Dufour in Moonraker. Luciano Pigozzi has appeared in over one hundred other films including Ivanhoe , the Norman Swordsman.

KAEOF: Dinosaurs. Also if you have seen more than a few Margheriti films, look out for recycled costumes and sets.

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Yor: The Hunter from the Future

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