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Prelude to Unmasking the Idol

Prelude to Unmasking the Idol
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A little known film from 1986 that features untold amounts of ninjas, treasure, espionage, ninjas, 3-wheeler's, a baboon, a bad-ass Ford Ranger, and so many balloons comes to the show. This is one movie you won't want to miss.

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The Wild Card - Who Wins in a Knife Fight

  • Boon (Unmasking the Idol) vs. Clyde (Every Which Way But Loose)

About Unmasking the Idol (1986) - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

The only thing you need to know is that Duncan Jax is the world’s most dangerous ninja, I guess. It is a rare occasion when a film applies a lower functional knowledge of ninjas than the Cannon Films library, but a rare occasion this is. Red rare, like the red of a baboon’s butt. If you like the red of a baboon’s but then you won’t be disappointed by this film. Yes that’s right there is a baboon in this movie. 

One could really question if this is a ninja movie, or an animal side kick film. One could also question whether this is a James Rip off or an Indiana Jones rip off. Thankfully the answer to those and all the other questions about this film is “yes”. You can actually play a fun game with this film where you start to ask a question and then in the middle of it just say the word “yes”. For example: “Is he about to?”… “yes”, “Is that baboon going to use that on?”… “yes”.  You can go on and on. I feel like the answer to most of the questions at the end of the full episode are going to simply be “yes”.

Worth Keeter spent the fledgling part of his career making awesomely trashy B movies in his native North Carolina. He worked for producer and sometimes actor Earl Owensby. Together they several times ventured into that sweet untapped 3D market. Fuck you James Cameron. The Duncan Jax duology seems to be Keeter’s departure from Owensby. By all accounts he doesn’t direct a boring movie, though his ability to work quickly and under strict budgetary constraints may have locked him in to television and the B circuit. In between directing Power Rangers and related or similar programs for years he would sneak in some must see B’s, on two occasions collaborating with fast hands Jeff Speakman and even directing Pamela Andersons debut in a lead, which is, of course, Snapdragon.

Ian Hunter was one of the most influential musicians of his time. Mott the Hoople remains one of the great underrated bands. Having written tracks like Once Bit Twice Shy, Cleveland Rocks and All the Young Dudes has cemented his place in rock and roll history.  He is not in this movie. Some other middle aged guy with the same name as him is. This other Ian Hunter may or may not know martial arts and gives his only acting move, “bedroom eyes” to just about everyone in the movie regardless of situation.

KAEOF: Trespassing Ninjas.

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Unmasking the Idol
Ninja III: The Domination

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