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This episode, we prepare for what has been heralded as the most awesome thing ever, the Godfrey Ho YouTube sensation that is Undefeatable. From what we know there is lots of bad kung fu, some ridiculous stunts, an epic mullet, and the "best fight scene of all time", according to many movie reviewers. We have high hopes that this will be a new entry in the Bad Movie Hall of Fame.

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About Undefeatable - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Directed/Produced By Godfrey Hall (born Godfrey Ho, has 9 psudonyms)

Godfrey Ho shot a bunch of stuff with Richard Harrison and then would add pieces with condensed version of another movie.  The stuff he shot with Harrison would try to make sense of the pile of movie. The were generally named Ninja ---------, Ninja the Protector, Ninja Terminator, etc. (50)

There is a comedy web series called Ninja the Mission Force which is an homage to his scrambled eggs.

This film got the Godfrey Ho treatment, in the Chinese version it is called The Bloody Mary Killer and has an added plot-line featuring Robin Shou.

Cynthia Rothrock is not the female Chuck Norris. She is a 5 time world karate champion in Forms. Which means she was the best at solo practice karate.  She beat men. So no diminishing. She has six different Black Belts. She retired from acting in 2004 after some 30+ film credits as a lead or significant role until 2012's Santas Summer House and more recently, 2014's Mercenaries).

Cynthia Rothrock claimed that some of her costars had such difficulty remembering their lines while filming that portions of dialogue were written down and taped to her forehead for the actors to read.

The actress playing the sister of Cynthia Rothrock's character was reportedly unpaid and left filming before the completion of the dramatic scene wherein Rothrock weeps over her body. Rothrock had to pretend that she was looking at the actress while actually observing director Godfrey Ho's hand.

A clip of the film's final fight in the film was posted on YouTube in 2006 and soon went viral, attracting millions of viewers. That scene was then featured on an episode of truTV's World's Dumbest Brawlers, and was included on lists by and