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Prelude to Tomboy

Prelude to Tomboy
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This week on the Stinker Madness Podcast, Jackie chooses a classic 80's sexy-time "girls can do it too" cheese fest starring Betsy Russell as Tommy. Thus begins our third year in "bad" movie podcasting. Gear up!

In this episode we've got a trailer for "Nancy Dan" a mashup of the trailer for Tomboy and Carol. What? Plus....

Streaming Do's and Don'ts

The Wild Card - Who wins in a knife fight?

The Class of Nuke'm High VS Rock n' Roll High School


About Tomboy - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

herbfreedTomboy is directed by stinker veteran and all around creepy looking guy Herb Freed. His first effort AWOL was super low budget, but did get him noticed enough that he was able to cast one Cameron Mitchell for his next feature Haunts, which made enough noise to usher in the golden era of Freed films, which would include his next 3; Graduation Day, Tomboy and Survival Game staring son of Chuck, Mike Norris. He would continue to make bad movies until the year 2000. Though he only has 10 directorial credits he has made over 200 commercials. Herb was also a rabbi, a dancer and a teacher, prior to the commercial gig.

betsy russellStar, Betsy Russel, has mostly become known for her recurring character in the SAW movies. I was excited because when I saw a photo of her from this film, I was like: “Holy shit, it’s Saavik #2 from Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock! I hope she Vulcan fingerbangs all over this bitch!”. Sadly she just bears an uncanny resemblance to Robin Curtis, who did play Saavik #2 in Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock.  Robin Curtis would Vulcan finger bang you until somehow a room temperature bucket of yogurt just found itself on your face. She’ll probably be back for Santa With Muscles. Betsy Russel, however is just a lady with hot tots. Serious hot tots that still look good at 52. She has guest starred in some of our favorite TV shows, including; the A-Team and Family Ties. She also starred opposite Mathew Modine in Private School. Her grandfather was Author, Columnist and Editor, Max Lerner, who landed himself on Nixon’s list of enemies.

Gerrard Christopher, in Tomboy billed as Jerry DiNome, has had a mostly pedestrian career highlighted by his starring role as Superboy, in the late 80s series of the same name. He was 30 when he started playing Superboy. He was really not so super grown damn man. Betsy Russel had a guest appearance on the show but somehow before he took over for original star John Hays Newton. Both Christopher and Newton would end up on Melrose Place. I should mention that Russel would guest star in the Murder She Wrote episode “Menace, Anyone?”.

KAEOF:  An uncredited Michelle Bauer as woman in corvette.

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Saturday, 24 February 2024

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