Prelude to The Order of the Black Eagle
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This week on the podcast Sam follows up the first Duncan Jax movie with what may or may not be the sequel to Unmasking the Idol. This time Duncan's going to take down a bunch of Nazis who happen to have a little special guest on their hands.

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A Tribute to Hastings, Your Entertainment Superstore

Jackie shares tales of working there, Sam tells us about a little known side-effect of shopping there, and Justin remembers finding Pieces, America 3000 and the biggest piece of crap ever, Vampire Vixens from Venus.

The Wild Card - Good Neighbor, Bad Neighbor

About The Order of the Black Eagle - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Duncan Jax is the most dangerous ninja in the world. Well he was. Now I am not so sure he is a ninja at all. So you know what? Fuck ninjas. Fuck pirates too. Secret agents of mostly unknown affiliations, now that’s where it’s at. Even though in the last movie, they were, at least seemingly a bunch of thieving ninjas with. The secret agent game in ’87 totally smashes the ninja scene of ’86. It really seems like the bottom dropped out of the ninja market like they were pork belly during an influenza pandemic. Only the pork bellies came back.

Beyond the ninjas getting ditched. We will also be ditching Willie, because he is probably dead. The other ninja lady who may or may not have been gunner is also gone. So we have back, Duncan Jax, Star, Boon and Sato. They are now known as the Interpol spy agency, which is preposterous.

Slightly more light has been recently shed on what was apparently made as a two film deal, or tragically made as a two film deal because I would have watched 6 of these things. Although they didn’t get tagged as such they were actually made at Owensby studios though Earl Owensby was not directly involved. The film’s producer Robert P. Eaton was the 6th of 7 marriages for one Lana Turner, who we will remember from Peyton Place and The Postman Always Rings Twice (if he rings a third time you need to go get some penicillin). That seems to be the only connection to the film industry that Eaton has, thought the marriage dissolved many years before, probably due to him constantly pitching this ninja secret agent script to his wife and telling her she gets to play the monkey.

The film also features one Flo Hyman, hero of the 1984 women’s silver medal volleyball team. Despite the unfortunate name, she was able to spike a volleyball 110 mile per hour, reportedly. Her name in the film is “Spike”.

KAEOF: Who is your favorite mercenary? Who is the notable historical figure in the trash can? Finally when is the point that you think to yourself: “This thing really has it all?”.