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Prelude to The Man From Hong Kong

Prelude to The Man From Hong Kong
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Presented by Fifty Shades of Brown, the story of two lovers tied together by raunchy flatulents.

We gear up for an ass-kicker of a movie in The Man From Hong Kong or Dragon Flies. We also review more Netflix and Amazon Instant Movies, more ongoing movie trivia and perhaps the best opening commercial we've ever done - Fifty Shades of Brown trailer.

Netflix Do's and Don'ts

Movie NameSummaryIMDBNetflixAmazonJustinJackieSamTotal

The Serpent and the Rainbow

An anthropologist goes to Haiti after hearing rumors about a drug used by black magic practitioners to turn people into zombies.

It's ok...there's a lot of silly business. It really takes itself seriously but it kinda falls a little flat here and there. One might say though that it is a very "efficient" movie. Just don't expect wild times.

IMDB Page Watch Now The Serpent and the Rainbow Yes Yes Didn't See It 2/2

Night of the Creeps

Alien brain parasites, entering humans through the mouth, turn their host into a killing zombie. Some teenagers start to fight against them.

Rusty (from National Lampoon's European Vacation) has his buddy get ate by leeches and then zombified. The humor is excellent, the gore is great. It's just your typical 80's comedy/horror and it works. Thrill me!

IMDB Page Watch Now Night of the Creeps (Director's Cut) [Blu-ray] Yes Yes Yes 3/3

Stinker News - San Diego Comic Con Special Report

Godzilla 2 Announced - Despite how bad the first one is

Skull Island - King Kong Prequel Announced

Evil Dead - The TV Series - Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell writing maybe?

Tusk from Kevin Smith - Justin Long gets turned into a walrus?? Really? Check this trailer:

Stinker Thinkers

{ariquizanywhere quizId="6" removeTitle="1"}{/ariquizanywhere}

Score = Sam 16, Justin 15

After listening to this - the refs have decided that Justin snaked a point on the Air Bud question from Sam who buzzed in first and have taken the point away.

Sam's Boring Bullshit

The Man From Hong Kong - also known as The Dragon Flies in the United States. Why do they rename movies like this? Just keep it what it was originally titled.

Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, known for such films as Turkey Shoot (or Escape 2000), BMX Bandits and Dead End Drive-In as well as Leprechaun....in Space.

Produced by Raymond Chow and Golden Harvest - hi-yah!

The Man From Hong Kong made money before it even was screened at theaters. It cost $550,000 AUSTRALIAN dollars which if we adjust into today's money and then convert that over to the dollar it equals $3.38 million. The US rights sold for $200,000 and the European rights sold for $500,000. Payola.

The 3rd of 4 Golden Harvest movies that George Lazenby agreed to do.

The band Jigsaw performs the amazing top jam for this movie called "Skyhigh" which cost $50,000 AUD of the $550,000 budget. Again adjusted to today's dollars and converted to USD equals $307,000!!!!! Zoinds, that's a lot of cash for how crappy the song is. Then it also becomes the #3 in US, and #9 in UK,  and #1 in Japan and Australia. Ridiculous 1976....

Bad stunts:

  • A door comes off one of the stunt cars and almost kills the film crew
  • Brian Trenchard-Smith lights himself on fire to show Lazenby it's fine but then Lazenby gets lit on fire and suffered burns
  • Jimmy Wang Yu flys a hang-glider face first into a rock

There were no permits acquired for any of the car chase scenes - which is probably why they look so hurried and dangerous.

Keep your eye out for:

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The Man from Hong Kong
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