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Prelude to The Last Dragon

Prelude to The Last Dragon
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This week on the podcast Sam brings in a movie that made him quite angry as a child but then grew to love it's non-kung-fu ways. It's 1985's The Last Dragon in which a "kung fu" guy tries to achieve something called "The Glow".

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Wild Card - The Great Superpower Debate

The Glow - You glow neon when you've mastered something

About The Last Dragon - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Who's got the Glow? You got the Glow? How do I get the Glow? These are just a few of the pertinant questions asked by the 1985 film The Last Dragon. What is the Glow? I don't know. Berry Gordy probably knows what the glow is, due in part to his ability to shit gold - records that is. If you havent heard of Barry Gordy, he founded Motown Records. If you haven't heard of Motown Records, you haven't heard music. Some select artist that appear in this films soundtrack are: Alfie, Smokie Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Vanity and DeBarge. The song Rythim of the Night would be recorded by Debarge for this movie, it would go on to hit #3 on Bilboard.

Michael Shultz directed the film Krush Groove the same year that he directed this. He also directed rock opera and Frampton/Bee Gees vehicle Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. In 1987 he would direct the Heavy Boys in Disorderlies. He would frequenlty collaberate with Richard Prior, but is probably most known for directing the smash hit and classic 1976 film Carwash. 

When working on this film he was told he needed to cut 2 million from the budget (a budget of apparently 10ish million that returned 25ish million). Writer Louis Venosta, who we will probably not remember as writer of the Mel Gibson/Goldie Hawn, whos the most crazy train wreck, Bird on a Wire, would try to pull an all nighter with Shultz trying to eliminate some of the cost. Apparently the story goes that after Venosta fell asleep Shultz just ripped 40 pages out of the script. The next day the re-imagined those pages, only cheaper. This may or not explain why the characters have so many names. The antagonist is sometimes Sho-Nuff and other times the Shogun of Harlem. The protaganist, Leroy Green is also calle Bruce Leroy, Bruce Leroy Green and the Legendary Bruce LEE-Roy. Bruce Leroy Green has a younger sister. Sometimes she is called Lotus Blossom, other times she is Sophia or Natasha. 

Bruce LEE-Roy... Green is played by 19 year old black belt Taimak. I would accuse him of being a dufus for only having the one name but I saw his last name and it is tough one. This is his most major role. He would eventually return, like Mark Morrison, (get it? return of the mack/return of Taimak?) only not as brilliant as he would play "bartender" in several episodes of Beverly Hills 90210.

KAEOF: Vanity! Jim Moody! Mike Star! Ernie Reyes Jr from Surf Ninjas! Faith Prince! Chaz Palminteri!? William H. Macy?? An lastly two members of the Cosby Show who may or may not have experienced large periods of lost time and anal soreness; Keisha Knight Pullman and Carl Anthony Payne II. That isn't fair to Bill Cosby, they were children, he likes to rape the adult women.

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The Last Dragon
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