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Prelude to The Apple

Prelude to The Apple
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Jackie brings us her third musical mess with 1980's The Apple from Cannon Films, directed by none other than Menaham Golan. Can it beat out other similarily crappy 1980 films Can't Stop the Music and Xanadu?

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About The Apple - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

The Future is 1994, so they did 3 years better than Escape From New York. In the future Disco made it. The future will be biblical. This film was made very almost directly after Golan and Globus purchased Cannon Films from Freidland and Dewey for a reported sum of $500,000. Menahem took directing duties. I don’t know that it would have done better or worse with a different director. Future bible disco should do shitty no matter who puts the gift wrap on it. When you look at the first few films out after the Golan Globus takeover it seems apparent that the slashers were keeping the thing afloat until the success of The Delta Force. The slashers or the constant mis-reporting of budgets and grosses.

The film features a cast of hundreds. You haven’t heard of any of them other than George S. Clinton, and you only think you’ve heard of him because you’re thinking of George Clinton. George S. Clinton had a fine career as a composer. Catherine Mary Stewart beyond having top billing in this film also was the female lead in The Last Star Fighter, if you’ve seen that pile of shit. Vladek Sheybal was the Bond villain in From Russia with Love. Joss Ackland was the bad guy in Lethal Weapon 2, another pile of shit.

Allegedly the film was supposed to begin with a large musical number that tells creation. The tiger got loose on set. Two people in a brontosaurus costume almost died of heat stroke. The elephants kept getting involved with the sets and the cameras, as did everyone and everything else. The set was too small and it was apparently one of the most disastrous shoots to not have killed anyone.

Copies of the soundtrack were handed out at the premier of the film. Those soundtracks were thrown through the movie screen and remain the only copies ever distributed.

The film was originally written as a 3 act play. Virtually nothing from the original conception survived the making of the film, with the exception of the biblical theme.

Most of the extras were from an American high school in Berlin, as the movie was shot almost entirely in Berlin. There are several exteriors which give away the fact that the film was not made in America despite the diagetic insistence that it takes place in America.

KAEOF:  Biblical references, they aren’t as prevalent as you would think, I guess…

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The Apple
Yor: The Hunter from the Future


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