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Whether we're late on our Thanksgiving episode or not, we're still going to enjoy a delightful little film about a killer turkey enacting revenge upon all white people for the horrors put upon the Native Americans. Sounds plausible...

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About ThanksKilling - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

ThanksKilling was shot on a budget of $3500 in the summer of 2007 and it received it’s official release on DVD in 2009. It seems to be the brain child of Jordan Downey, who has little credits outside of the ThanksKilling series. The main assists would be from working editor and writer Brad Shultz and working cinematographer Kevin Stewart. Though Downey’s only major titles include ThanksKilling and it’s $100k Kickstarter sequel, ThanksKilling 3. Shultz however has over 30 editing credits as well as over 20 writing credits, there are some sprinkled in directorial credits as well. He seems to be a man of my own heart. Some of his more personal short projects involve the NFL. These are the sort of special projects that both alienate fans of football and fans of comedy. After the 99% think you’re an idiot, myself and the other one percent, or fans of extraordinarily obscure comedy not the social elite, will regale. His projects in this arena include Vince Young for Towels and Rob Gronkowski Erotic Fan Fiction with Charlotte McKinney and Rob Gronkowski. Kevin Stewart, who was the other producer, cinematographer and additional writer, has over 50 shooting credits.

In terms of how lean the films production was, the film was shot in 11 days and nearly every shot was used in the final incarnation of the film. Only one sequence shot wasn’t used though it wasn’t in the script. They had shot one of the characters running through a cornfield on a whim and then afterwards realized there was literally nowhere it would fit. Preproduction and filming occurred completely during summer break between Downey and Stewarts Junior and Senior year of college, so it is and it isn’t a student film, at which point we can now compare it to Cannibal the Musical as it was made under similar circumstances.

KAEOF: What is your favorite turkillin’ and what is your favorite tur-one-liner?