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Prelude to Sssssss

Prelude to Sssssss
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This week Justin rolls the dice on maybe the worst movie title of all time. Seriously, try to tell your friends your watching Sssssss and listen how it comes out of your mouth. Onomatopoeia should never be used in film titles. But we think its about snake men...

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The Greatest Super Power Debate

Fish Man - 6.5 stars

About Sssssss - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

7 “S”s is sssssuposed to be pronounced sssssss but thatssss ssssstupid. The poster has a woman’s mouth with a tiny cobra in it, which is also stupid. The only thing stupider than a movie about killer snakes is a movie about killer snake mans… man. That’s what this movie is about; killer snake mans. 

This delectable little dish was directed by television legend Bernard Kowalski. Kowalski started working on set when he was 5 as an extra. He started behind the camera at 17 as a clerk. He directed his first episode of television when he was 26. At 29 he had his first feature film Hot Car Girl, produced by Gene Corman, brother of Roger. In 1966, he would be on a project which he would ultimately be co-owner of with creator Bruce Geller, that project was Mission: Impossible. He directed 3 episodes, the most important being the pilot. Beyond his 60+ television directing credits he also helmed 8 theatrical releases. He was also the executive producer on Baretta. All of his theatric releases seem to be budget pictures.

This is one of the worst movies that Strother Martin was involved with. After seeing this he probably had a talk with his agent that went something like this: “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate…”.

If you think that it takes more than good looks and great hair to make it in Hollywood, your wrong. I have evidence and his name is Dirk Benedict. If you think I am criticizing Dirk Benedict I am not. If you criticize Dirk Benedict, I will punch your face. When I pick up ladies at the bar, I tell them my name is Starbuck Faceman.

Richard B. Shull kicked around for a lot of years. A role of note was the eponymous Holmes from the one of the many failed robot cop shows, Holmes & YoYo. Jack Ging was also a rounder. He was also in the A-team as General Fullbright. Heather Menzies from Piranha is also in this film. Finally, guess who’s back? Reb Brown… In his film debut…  Only took him two weeks.

They only used one fake snake for the making of this movie. The actors had to interact with real snakes. The snakes were captured wild snakes that hadn’t been de-fanged or de-venomed in any way. Somehow, nobody died. 

This was the first Zanuck-Brown production, they would eventually do Jaws. 

KAEOF:  The one fake snake. 

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Thursday, 22 February 2024

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