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57 Channels and Monsters On is how we kick off this episode. No Springsteen didn't make it.

Its almost time kids. Just one more day until Halloween. So get a warm cup of pumpkin cider and curl up with a ridiculous podcast and an even more ridiculous movie. It's 1986's Spookies. Apparently it stars a bevvy of kooky monsters attacking a band of idiots. 

Be sure to come back on Oct. 31st as we are releasing our full episode on Saturday instead of Monday.

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Sam's Boring Bullshit

Spookies was eventually released in the United States in January of 1988. It had been released over seas as early as 1986. Is this our first dual movie?  Did we do a Godfrey Ho (editor's note - Yes we did, see our Undefeatable episode) movie? It isn’t fair that this is considered a dual movie. It is more of an additive movie.

From the Wikipedia page

Spookies started out as a feature film entitled Twisted Souls. The film started shooting in late summer of 1984 and finished principal photography in October of that same year. It was directed by Brendan Faulkner and Thomas Doran, and produced by Frank Farel, Brendan Faulkner, and Thomas Doran. The film Twisted Souls was being edited when creative and legal issues between the producers and the financial backer prevented final post production work from being carried out (final editing, scoring, post-effects, etc.).
The original Twisted Souls footage directed by Faulkner and Doran consists of all the teenagers who arrive in the two cars and all the related monsters: Demon/Ouija Girl; Muck Men; Spider Woman; Snake Demons; Hallway Demon; Grim Reaper; and all related effects. The screenplay was written by Frank Farel, Brendan Faulkner and Thomas Doran.
In 1985, the financial backer of Twisted Souls hired Eugenie Joseph to direct more footage which was pieced together with the footage from Twisted Souls, creating Spookies. The added footage by Joseph, with an entirely different cast, includes all the footage of the boy looking for his birthday party; man in tree; Cat-man; old, withered magician; girl in coffin; zombies; witch in basement/cave; and the little blue boy.

So it is a little different than Monster A Go Go and a little different than something by Godfrey Ho. It’s like a Fox movie.

John Dods is the creature creator/mask maker who will carve a name for himself industry wise.  He will go on to work on various films and even The X-Files.

Keep an Eye out For:  Anyone you can recognize.