Prelude to Splash
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Presented by Seaman's Spermicidal Jelly, the number one brand in sea-ferrer/manitee contraception.

Jackie rolls the dice on whether a bunch of a list talent with a fantasy plot idea has the chance to make a bad movie in the Tom Hanks/Darryl Hannah/John Candy/Eugene Levy/Ron Howard classic "Splash". Plus more movie trivia and the usual nonsense.

Justin tells us what the three worst human/animal relationship films:

3. Indiana Jones and the Nazi Monkey - Raiders of the Lost Ark - The monkey is a Nazi and makes Jones think that his lady friend is dead. Whatta dick.

2. Ann Darrow and King Kong - King Kong - Face it, it's bestiality.

1. Flint and Bruce the Shark - Jaws - The relationship doesn't work out, spoilers.