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Prelude to She

Prelude to She
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This week on the Stinker Madness Podcast we get ready for the 1982 Sandahl Bergman "post-apocalyptic" Oddysey, She. Be sure to join us on the main episode when special guest, Toren Atkinson, from The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets and the Caustic Soda podcast joins us to try and make heads or tails of She.

We open the episode with the most pronouny game show of all time, "Who did that? We did!"

Streaming Do's and Don'ts

The Wild Card - The Great Superpower Debate

The ability to rewind time by 30 seconds - See Life is Strange video game - 7.5 out of 10

About She - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Director Avi Nesher, a half Russian-Israeli national, moved to the U.S. at the age of 12. He graduated high school at 16. He then went to Columbia University, that of course being the Ivy League institution located in New York. There he studied international relations. At 18 he was already done with that and returned to Israel to serve in the IDF. Now this is where things get more interesting than they already are. One would think they would have a special place for an Ivy League grad. He, however, wanted a special-er place, like special forces special-er. The Sayeret Matkal is the highest elite squad in the IDF. So elite it’s numbers are estimated at under 200. This fucking guy is Israeli delta force. 

At 26 he directs his first film HaLahaka (The Band), the next year Dizengoff 99. Both films have since achieved cult status in Israel. He returns to the U.S. and in directs the 1982 release, She. The film being released in 1982 leaves me to believe that most of the production of the film was in 1981. 

In 1981, one Ronald Reagan assumes the office of President of the United States. The Iranian Hostage Crisis was settled moments before Reagan assumes office and later in the same year The U.S. would start an aircraft trade embargo against Israel over the loose bombings of PLO suspected organizations in civilian areas. This is also the year that Reagan would sign top secret National Security Directive 17, which of course was the beginning of what would eventually become the Iran Contra Scandal. Meanwhile Israeli super commando Avi Nesher just shows up to make a movie. 

Are you ever really out of something like Delta Force? Did they take a couple breaks while making She? Would that break have started with a statement from then director Avi Nesher that would have gone a little something like this:

Hey guys take a few, I gotta go do a thing. A thing. That thing totally isn’t toppling a fledgling government. We’ll pick it back up in on Tuesday.  Also I am totally not just here to keep an eye on your loose cannon, shitty cowboy actor president. Totally here for this movie.  You guys are special.

In the CIA’s defense they probably saw this movie and were like: 

That guy is totally just here making boss movies. Did you see how boss that movie was? Oh, Steve, keep an eye on our loose cannon, shitty cowboy actor president. I’m not saying JFK, but I’m not NOT saying JFK. You know, keep an eye on him. Last week he told a sandwich to let him know if any of the East German female weight lifters were single and interested in defecting.

Beyond being here most likely to spy on our loose cannon, shitty cowboy actor president, Nesher made some more wacko movies including Timebomb with Michael Beihn, and Doppelganger starring Drew Barrymore. Oddly in Doppelganger the supposed twin was played by an East German weight lifter who was cast as a favor to a sandwich who claimed to know the president. That last part wasn’t real and Doppelganger was made in ’93.

Sandahl Bergman is making her third visit to Stinker Madness. Her first was as the one of two people that were worth a shit in Xanadu, the other being Gene Kelly. The second was Sam and Justin's movie of the year Hell Comes to Frogtown. The other cast has experience sporadic and limited careers. David Goss who plays Tom has recently worked behind the camera on reality TV shows. Harrison Muller Jr. who plays Dick fades out of the game by 1989. Before that he was also in Warriors of the Lost World, which I believe got a “do” from Stinker Madness on the streaming dos and don’ts, though isn’t episode material. 

KAEOF:  Veteran actor Gordon Mitchell. Also who is your favorite adversary/group of adversaries?

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