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Prelude to Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Prelude to Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
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This 0.5 episode is sponsored by Bryan Adam's Lost LOST Recordings as we get ready for Kevin Costner's to charm our way through the turd that is Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. This movie was a mega-blockbuster and we wouldn't be surprised of the amount of people that have no clue that this movie sucks so bad. It's cheesy, poorly acted, completely unbelievable, doesn't make any sense, and no one knows it. There's a cast of thousands with Christian Slater (ugh), Morgan Freeman, Alan Rickman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio; all of them mail it in except for Costner and Slater who act as best as they can. Justin and Sam have history with this movie. Justin loved it when he was 14 years old. When it came out on DVD, Justin bought it immediately. Him and Sam then watched and immediately afterwards drove to Hastings to sell it back. They would only give him $.50 for it, so Justin threw it out the window of his car. Sorry environment. Blame Costner.

We start by wishing Sam a happy birthday (he now smells of Ben Gay.....cause he's old). We also want to share our YouTube channel specifically Our Recommended Movies playlist. These movies are completely free and are some of the best stinkers we've found on there. We'll try to keep this updated as time goes on. If you have any suggestions for movies to add to it that you find, please either email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our forums and let us know.

Stinker News

The Power Rangers are going to be back in theaters in 2016 - we all put this on our "not to do" list

Universal Studios is rebooting classic monster movies from the 1930's. - Dracula is on the way and then a Mummy movie. Hopefully, we'll also see Frankenstein and the Wolfman.

Space Invaders (the classic video game) is getting a movie - Not really sure how that's all going to work, but we saw it done with Battleship and Doom. The guy from Winter's Tale is set to direct.

Stinker Thinkers

{ariquizanywhere quizId="4" removeTitle="1"}{/ariquizanywhere}

Sam stays in the lead with a total score of 15-13.

The Top 3 Bad Birthdays in Bad Movies

3. Damien's Fifth Birthday Party - The Omen

Never ever ever go to a birthday party for the Anti-Christ, no matter how cute he is or how much free food his rich parents provide. Someone is getting murdered by mind control every time. Think his 5th was bad? Check out his 30th when he has to realize he's not in his 20's anymore. Heads come off everywhere! Also don't name your son, Damien. Don't do it.

2. Johnny's Birthday Party - The Room

When you find out your really weird and emotionally confused fiance (or was that just bad acting?) is having an affair with Mark, your two-feet-away-from-football-throwing-bestie at your bday party, you really have no choice but to make really weird moans and then shoot yourself. Yay for Wiseau!

1. Carrousel - Logan's Run

Turning 30 is bad enough for most of us, but when you and all your buddies get stuck on a spinning bullshit machine and then sucked up into a mulcher on your birthday you're gonna have a bad time.

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Kevin Reynolds directs this film. Him and Kevin Costner became really good friends on the set of Fandango and then went on to team up again on Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. They then go on to work together on Waterworld where Reynolds walked off the set and let Costner take over. He zinged, "Kevin should only star in movies he directs. That way he can work with his favorite actor and director." They realized that they shouldn't work together at all and then didn't work again with each other until The Hatfields and McCoys.

The Hatfields and McCoys was such a success that now Reynolds is working on Resurrection a sequel to The Passion of the Christ. Might as well call it Noah 2.

During post-production of Robin Hood, Costner and another producer locked the editor out of the editing room and then edited themselves. When viewing the final cut, the original editor was not happy with what was done with his work.

Originally, Cary Elwes was tapped to be Robin Hood but turned it down because it was too silly and contrite. So then he went on to take the role in Robin Hood: Men in Tights....not really much of a role change.

Alan Rickman turned the role of Sheriff of Nottingham twice. He finally agreed to it if he could do whatever he wanted with the role. He then disappears.

Christian Slater ad-libbed the "Fuck me, he cleared it" line. Which I'm pretty sure wasn't a phrase during King Richard times.

The nude scene with Costner is a stunt butt. Lay off the Cheese-its, KevCo.

Sean Connery turned down the role of Robin Hood's dad because he said he'd been playing a dad too much lately. So they cram him in as King Richard instead.  Can anyone say "day-rate"?

Mel Gibson turned down the role of Robin Hood and Johnny Depp turned down the role of Will Scarlett.

Robin Wright turned down the role of Maid Marion because Sean Penn knocked her up. It would have been really interesting though if Cary Elwes and her had pair up together again after Princess Bride. Maybe we would have had another Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan theme going on. WTG Sean Penn!

 The British Film board gave this a PG rating...despite stunt butts and F-bombs.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Flash Gordon


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Saturday, 24 February 2024

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