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Presented by The Antiques Road House. Dalton stops by to help analyze some precious valuables.

This episode we get a preview of the 1988 classic stinker, Road House, starring Patrick Swayze, Sam Elliot and Ben Gazarra. It's a whole hodown at the Double Deuce bar. How many bottles will we smash over each other's heads?

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It isn’t that odd that Road House would be the Stinker Madness introduction to Patrick Swayze. It is odd that it has taken this long for the late Mr. Swayze to grace our program with his presence. A considerable amount of time as he has starred in the following future episodes:

And Possible Future Episodes:

And if we bend the rules, his version of King Solomon’s Mines where he plays Allan Quartermain opposite Allison Doody. Allison Doody of course being the hot german bird who turns father and son into Eskimo brothers in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Swayze, God rest his soul, was fathered by Patsy Yvonne Helen. A choreographer, dance instructor and dancer who is responsible for choreography in such films as Urban Cowboy, Liar’s Moon and Hope Floats. She taught the Swayze how to dance and in turn allowed him to bring his not so tough brand of high kicking to this week’s film, Road House. His father, an engineering draftsman named Jesse Wayne Swayze was the one who taught him the throat rip. It is a conversation piece at engineering parties.

The film is directed by Rowdy Herrington. That is spelled like the fish, not sure why. Herrington started as an electrician and worked his way through the ranks. After touring as a gaffer for two years he got into the right ears and debuted the film Jack’s Back, starring frequent collaborators James Spader and Cinthia Gibb. He wrote and directed Jack’s Back and would not return to the typewriter again for several years. This film is the beginning of a run of hot crap. The two that follow, Gladiator, with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Striking Distance with Bruce Willis and Sarah Jessica Parker are more of the same and I love it.

This film is chock full of dead guys. It the rare and only cinematic appearance of blues legend Jeff Healey, and Ben Gazzara is cast as the villain. There are probably more dead guys in here but the three I have mentioned to this point are the ones we miss the most. Oddly Swayze and Gazzara both died of pancreatic cancer within 3 years of each other.

Whenever Bill Murray sees this film he calls Kelly Lynch’s husband, Mitch Glazer to make fun.

Patrick Swayze was unable to take a role in Predator 2 as he was injured during the making of this film. Instead they got a guy who could barely walk; Danny Glover.

Road House failed to win any of it’s five Razzie nominations.

More Fun NFL Hollywood connections:  Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton, who has currently nick named himself the Red Rifle had formerly nick named himself “Road House” in conjunction with this film. That guy is a huge tool.

Keep an eye out for:  Sam Elliot, Marshall R. Teague, Red West, John Doe, Terry Funk and Kathleen Wilhoite.