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Prelude to Punisher: War Zone

Prelude to Punisher: War Zone
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In the last of our Superhero Threepeat, we are super jacked to bring in one of the most ridiculous (and awesome) films ever made. Its just one of only two "Marvel Knights" movies and I can't imagine why there weren't more. Ray Stevenson becomes Frank Castle in a bonkers and violent manner in Punisher: War Zone. Do not fail to watch this epic film.

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About Punisher: War Zone Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

After the whirlwind non-success of Lions Gate (more aptly loins gate) 2004 Punisher, it was announced that the DVD sales were strong enough to warrant a sequel. Oddly, the studio would almost go bankrupt in 2012. Writer/Director Jonathan Hensleigh was back on board to direct with Tom Jane reprising his role as Frank Castle. The script this time was being worked on by a writer independent of Hensleigh. It would seem that early drafts would cause the departure of Hensleigh. This I should think to be a tall order, to write a script that would chase off the guy who wrote Armageddon. Jane stayed on like a trooper and at one point had gained 12 pounds of muscle for the role. Eventually a later version of the scrip would chase of Jane, who would rather and subsequently star in The Mist, Mutant Chronicles and Drive Hard. That’s got to be one dandy of a script. After being turned down by a hand full of directors they eventually hire Lexi Alexander. Alexander quit the second she saw the script. After Lions Gate gave her full creative control of the project she came back aboard. Alexander’s previous film was Green Street, which holds the distinction of being the second film to win both the Jury Prize and the Audience Award at SXSW. She has, however, had trouble staying busy since. It seems like there is an abundance of writers attached to the film, to the point where who did what is a mystery. 

Ray Stevenson had his first major break with John Milius’ HBO production Rome. He probably landed that gig from his role in Antoine Fuqua’s King Arthur as Dagonet. Like Chris Evans he would jump this marvel role for another and begin playing Volstagg in the Thor series. Unlike Chris Evans, the sight of Stevenson leaves panties quite dry. (editor's note - This is totally not true. Ray Stevenson is now hunkier to Jackie than Chris Evans. So that makes it doctrine.)

Dominic West is most notable for being in 56 of the 60 episodes of The Wire, the show that, if you haven’t seen, have ruined your own pathetic life. I haven’t seen it. I also didn’t notice him as Palace Guard in Star Wars Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace, because I was asleep. He was in Chicago, which I didn’t see, because I have a penis. He had a significant part in Mona Lisa Smile, which I did put into the VCR but by minute 4 was just staring at the wall, so I missed him there too. Most people like me first saw West as the douchey senator in The 300. He has recently returned to television for renewed acclaim in the Showtime original The Affair

Doug Hutchinson is someone who I have seen a lot of but when I look at his filmography it seems like I shouldn’t have. Justin and I probably best remember him as Eugene Victor Tooms in The X-Files. Hutchinson made his biggest splash when, in 2011, at the age of 50 got married to a 16 year old Courtney Stodden. 

I am only talking about West and Hutchinson in addition to Stevenson as Lexi Alexander made a push to get West back after he dropped out of the production and then was able to secure Hutchinson on a personal appeal. 

Which leads us to KAEOF: Whether the two of them perform the worst scene in the history of acting. Also KAEOF: Wayne Knight of Jurassic Park and Seinfeld fame.

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Punisher: War Zone

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