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Prelude to Odds and Evens

Prelude to Odds and Evens
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For 22 pictures, Terrance Hill and Bud Spencer played the ultimate in comedic buddy-cop movies and this week on the podcast, Sam brings in one of their best in Odds and Evens.

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The Wild Card - Good Neighbor, Bad Neighbor (Buddy Cops)

  • Riggs & Murtaugh - Lethal Weapon
  • Cates & Hammond - 48 Hrs.

About Odds and Evens - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Carlo Pedersoli was still a member of the Italian National Swim Team and Water Polo Team when he started his acting career around 1950. The younger Marco Girroti similarly was discovered around the same time. The two would individually muddle through bit parts and lower profile roles before the two were cast together in the 1967 western, God Forgives… I Don’t. Director Giueseppe Colizzi recommended the two adopt less Italian sounding names as Italian budget films were beginning to put quite a few butts in seats worldwide. Girroti would take the name Terence Hill and Pedersoli would assume the moniker Bud Spencer. Girroti’s was tasked with choosing names from lists while Pedersoli came up with Bud Spencer as homage to Spencer Tracy and Budweiser beer. The two would go on two star with one another in over 20 buddy pictures. Though some films may be more well known, say Lethal Weapon or 48 Hrs., the heart and soul of the buddy film lies with these two.

The Corbucci brothers are also very significant in Italian film. Sergio is one of the more influential Italian directors, having done films such as the original Django, The Mercenary, Compeneros and The Great Silence, to name a few. Bruno however amassed a significant filmography as a director and writer in his own right. Many of the Spencer/Hill productions are products of the Corbucci brothers. This gem was directed by Sergio and written by Bruno though the larger chunk of the Spencer/Hill films are directed by Bruno and written by Sergio or Mario Amendola.

Though the film features many actors, none of them are significant with the exception of comedian Woody Woodbury who plays the Admiral. Oddly this film won the Golden Screen Award. Not to be confused with the Canadian Golden Screen award which was previously known as the Golden Reel Award. Little is known about this Golden Screen Award but the two previous winners were Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Superman: The Motion Picture, placing this film in strange company.

KAEOF: Who is your favorite Firpo? What is the most outrageous idea or to be more specific; of all of the horse crap they are feeding us what stands out as the hardest to chew?

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Odds and Evens
Tango & Cash

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