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We start this episode with a letter from Justin to Mark Hamill in the hopes he will become his best friend and replace Sam and Jackie on the podcast. We have yet to hear back.

We gear up for a fan pick from our Facebook fan:

Hello, just started listening this week, really enjoying the show. Question, have any of you seen Midnight Ride(1990)...

Posted by Matthew Vandiver on Friday, August 28, 2015

It's a film with Mark Hamill and Michael Dudikoff which are no surprise show ups on Stinker Madness. But Academy Award winner Robert Mitchum is in this too?! How did Robert Mitchum make it on Stinker Madness???

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Sam's Boring Bullshit

Director Bob Bralver is a stunt man. We’ve had some other directors, notably Hal Needham who started as stunt men but Bralver is a stunt man. He also directed 3 movies and various episodes of series like; Hardcastle & McCormick, The A-Team, Knight Rider as well as one of my favorite stinker series, Riptide. The other 2 movies are Rush Week, a slasher preceding this one and American Ninja 5. He served as stunt coordinator for the Diagnosis Murder and The Father Dowling Mysteries. On the silver screen side he coordinated stunts for Space Jam. His firs credit is stunts for I Spy, hopefully he didn’t take any crib notes from Cosby.

Producer Ovidio G Assonitis is the reason I am excited about this movie. Ovidio kicked around for quite a while. His first film, which he directed himself, was Beyond the Door, which made over $40 million worldwide in 1974. He is known for putting together a crazy picture. Piranha 2 bears little resemblance to its predecessor but it is a wild ride. His jaws inspired octopus movie Tentacles turned some heads. Most recently the hosts of this program watched his opus The Visitor with John Huston and Franco Nero as Space Jesus. He also made the Will Wheaton horror film The Curse based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft. When Yoram and Meneham left Cannon he took over as CEO. This film is one of the pictures made by Cannon under his watch.

I have talked about Mark Hamill at length on this program. If you like the comedy and the good times he is a good social media follow. The facebook post with him looking for his father, Darth Vader, was funny enough that I have been laughing about it for three months now.

Dudikoff is still a dude.

Robert Mitchum will be making his first and probably only appearance on Stinker Madness. AFI rated him #23 on the list of 25 greatest male screen legends. At the end of his career, and life, he was doing shit like this. Beyond his greatness he is the original “Beef- It’s what’s for dinner” guy. There was some indiscretion in the middle of his career as well, as evidenced by his calypso album; Calypso – Is Like So. I listened to about 17 seconds of the track Coconut Water and that was more than enough. On the cover he is being a capital douche. He also did a country album, it peaked at 35 on the country charts, because a bucket of monkey shit could hit 40 on the country charts, as long as it was sad.

Savina Gersak has top female billing. She looks familiar, don’t know why.

Keep an eye out for Scream Queens Pamela Ludwig and Lezlie Deane.