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Prelude to Mac and Me

Prelude to Mac and Me
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Show opener - Justin has lost his ability to do anything but play Fallout 4 and Jackie is left with no choice but to go on Sammy Jesse Raphael.

It's the final film in our 3 piece "Monster Buds" series and we close with a film we've been planning on since we started the podcast. It's the tale of a film executives trying to cash in on the buzz of ET (a film no one on Stinker Madness likes) so odds are pretty low that we'll enjoy this one.

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The Great Superpower Debate

It's a new game for this week. Each week we'll bring in a superpower and debate its merits for use in real life.

This week - Super Hearing

About Mac and Me - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

This is when they were still putting mock busters in the theater. The name Mac and Me is based on the working title for E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, which was E.T. and Me. Then they tried to copy the rest of the movie, and then add a bunch of McDonald’s and Coca Cola, so as to pay the bills. Recipe for success it was not. Fun fact, the McDonald’s they used in the movie was the franchise training center in the City of Industry. Though a totally functional facility it never served one customer the many years it was in operation.

The film was helmed by Stewart Raffill. This will most likely not be Raffills only appearance to the program major success with The Sea Gypsies and The Philadelphia Experiment he directed such films as: The Ice Pirates, Mannequin Two: On the Move and Tammy and The T-Rex (Starring very young Denise Richards and Paul Walker). He also wrote Passenger 57. This film is co-written by Steve Feke, who wrote When a Stranger Calls.

Paul Rudd continues to show a clip of this movie rather than anything that he is in when guesting on Conan O’Brian. Paul Rudd is not in this movie. 

Most of the principal cast are day players. Christine Ebersole gets the official lead credit. Laura Waterbury gets into the act, she is the across the street neighbor in Better of Dead. Squire Fridell was like the 7th Ronald MacDonald, he will reprise his role. They probably asked Willard Scott, and Willard Scott tried to choke them to death with burger buddies and then screamed long live the king while taking his pants off in order to make sex to them. Then he went back to the NBC studios and read the birthdays. Perhaps the only thing this film does right is the casting of Jade Calegory who is the Me in Mac and Me. He really has spina bifida.

Bud Ekins is in this movie. Remember when Steve McQueen jumped the motorcycle over the fence in The Great Escape? No you don’t, you remember when Bud Ekins did it.

The tag line for this film is: Out of this world and into your heart. It probably should have been: Out of the toilet and back into your butt. The film made $6 million against an unreported budget. It is said to be a colossal flop. It had profit sharing set up with the Ronald McDonald house. This movie may have made orphans lives worse.

KAEOF:  Jennifer Aniston, Buck Flower, Nikki Cox, Andrew Divoff and Vinnie Torrente.

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Mac and Me

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Thursday, 22 February 2024

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