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Prelude to License to Drive

Prelude to License to Drive
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The "Coreys" make their official first appearance on the show with the 80's cheesefest about teenagers getting driver's licenses. This sounds like a recipe for disaster as the 80's sucked, teenagers suck and drivers training sucks the worst! At least Heather Graham is easy on the eye-balls.

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Special Guest - Jackson Murphy

Jackson from the Lights Camera Jackson film review blog stops in and shares with us his picks for the first half of 2016 for the SMABFA awards. He's also doing an incredible charity promotion for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. We urge all of you to contribute and follow Jackson through his fundraiser and his career. He's a great guy.

About License to Drive - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

The Corey's didn't do as many films together as we all think or perhaps would  have liked. Perhaps some of us would prefer them to have done less to none. This week's feature, Licence to Drive, would be the second of the big 3 Corey movies, the first being The Lost Boys and the third being Dream a Little Dream. They would collaborate again on DTV films like Blown Away, but their hay day was a bit short lived. They would both eventually spiral into heavy drug use, allegedly brought on by Hollywood executives who were also raping them. Haim would die of pneumonia at 38, though his condition was most likely also affected by the copious amounts of pain pills he was taking. Feldmen would release an almost tell all following Haim's death. He still wont name names as to who the movie moguls are who victimized the two.

Director Greg Beeman also directed two other films, Mom and Dad Save the World, starring time machine hit list top spot Teri Garr and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Jones. His third and final feature was Bushwacked starring Daniel Stern. He does have a long and sorted career in television. Writer Neil Tolkin would develop the scrip to this film from a rejected submission to National Lampoon's magazine.  He would go in to write Jury Duty with Pauly Shore, probably on purpose.

Heather Graham isn't on the time machine hit list as she can just come over to my house any time she wants. She has yet to exercise her open invitation, to those who are curious as to how that was going for me.  Her career though rigorous has recently taken a downturn, I am sure she will get back on top soon enough. If she doesn't get back on top at the box office, well, she can get right on top of me, as that invitation is still quite open. 

KAEOF:  The ear and eye Fresh Prince of Bel Aire connection:  which would be listening for the song Jazzy's in the House by of course the DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, while also watching for an appearance of James Avery who, of course, played Uncle Phil.

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License to Drive
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