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Prelude to Killer Workout

Prelude to Killer Workout
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Presented by Dr. Lecter's Killer Workout. Sorry Tina Turner and Chuck Norris, but Dr. Lecter needs your body more than you do.

We are back! After a three week hiatus, we've returned in full force with this weeks fine episode. We prepare for our second David A. Prior film entitled Killer Workout aka Aerobicide from 1987. We pay tribute to the late Mr. Prior who will be sorely missed. Make sure to pre-order your blu-rays of Killer Workout, Deadly Prey AND Deadliest Prey which release on Oct. 13, 2015 (Buy Here).

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About Killer Workout - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

David A. Prior left us far too early on the 16th of August.  The only report I could find was that he lost a long battle with failing health. I am not sure what that means, but I will miss him. In a previous episode, I detailed his part in the founding of Action International Pictures (AIP). I use a brand of laminate at work that is manufactured by a company which also goes by AIP. Every time I open a box there is a small part of me that wants Ted Prior to jump out of the box and kill me.  Sadly, every time it is just more laminate. More laminate to laminate with and not the sweet glorious death that Danton could give me, the death I pray for every morning, when I make my prayer to the god of death, Danton. No, not really, I am not really suicidal, at least not after about 9:30am. Getting back to Prior, a factoid I left out in a previous broadcast is that his first film, Sledgehammer also holds the distinction of being the first slasher shot on tape. 

Top billing is given to Marcia Karr. Marcia Karr doesn’t have a Wikipedia page, in English. She does have an article in La Enciclopedia Libre. The two times I have done research on David A. Prior films I have noticed a lot of results in Spanish. I am lead to believe that AIPs films did quite well in Spanish speaking territories.  Spanish isn’t my first language but I was able to ascertain that Karr is a stinkertress to know. Pretty much all of the films, or peliculas, detailed look like hot shit. Titles include, Hardbodies (I’ve heard good things), Savage Streets and Chained Heat opposite Linda Blair, Night of the Kick Fighters, Maniac Cop (which I believe is coming soon) and the fan favorite Real Genius. Oddly Linda Blair isn’t a big deal in Spanish speaking territories as La Enciclopedia Libre does not have an article on Chained Heat and the Blair article is quite shorter than its English counterpart.  Apparently there is not direct English to Spanish translation for sweet tits. That’s what Linda Blair had, a major case of the sweet tits.

Fritz Matthews is back for more, The killing of Lt. Thornton (Deadly Prey) couldn’t hold him back, especially because this movie was just before that one. Fritz built the tanning bed at the beginning of the film. So he is more than just muscles and a sweet pair of sunglasses.

Ted Prior, beyond his visible loose cannon demeanor was apparently also one hot piece of man ass. Before hitting it big enough in his brother’s movies he was a Chippendale’s dancer and was the March 1984 centerfold in Playgirl. So yes Jackie if you dig hard enough you can probably find pictures of Ted Prior’s wiener. 

Teresa Van Der Woude looks very familiar. I don’t know why, she must have one of those faces, because I haven’t seen any of the 4 things she has been in.

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Killer Workout
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