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Jackie brings in the first Fred Olen Ray film in that old tale of hookers on a hellbent rampage with some nasty chainsaws and lots of boobies.

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About Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Fred Olen Ray has directed 16 films since the last time we talked about him, in fact he directed 3 films before I could get to the end of this sentence. Recently he commandeered Van Damme and Segal in order to highjack the Sniper franchise, Billy Zane liked it so much he’s pissing his pants right now. In total Ray has directed nearly 150 films. Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is among his more popular films which would also include Bad Girls From Mars, Beverly Hills Vamp, Cyclone and the Wynorski collaborative effort Dinosaur Island.

Linnea Quigley and Michelle Bauer will team up for this romp, though I hope they would team up on me… Quigley has been called the “Queen of the B’s” while Bauer is the Queen of my B-oner. Not just a clever nick name Quigley has 144 acting credits and none of them are in good movies. Also not just a clever nick name Michelle Bauer has given me a boner right now. Other frequent Fred Olen Ray contributors Jay Andrews and Dukey Flyswatter will also appear in the film.


KAEOF: Favorite death, hottest FOR scenario, and best line.