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This week on the podcast we gear up for one of the most notorious bad movies ever made and a hallmark of stupidity. When you need to invade a country that doesn't make any sense, send in an Olympic Gold Medalist!

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Kurt Thomas is the stuff of legend, gymnastically speaking. He was the first American man to win gold on the floor exercise at a world championship level. His prowess was such that he has two skills named after him, the Thomas Flair and the Thomas Salto. The Thomas Salto is described not only as difficult but dangerous. He was unable to win Olympic gold though being heavily favored due to the boycott of the 1980 Olympics by the US and the majority of the country’s political allies. Why you ask did we and many others boycott the 1980 Olympics, because it was in Moscow, and those commie bastards were totally harshing our mellow. Carter would officially boycott the games in protest that the USSR or any country for that matter would have the audacity to intervene in Afghanistan. We did something else besides just boycott the Olympics, the history books will remember a little thing called Rambo 3, The only thing you need to topple the soviet power in Afghanistan is a guy who hasn’t heard of a bath or haircut.

Gymkata was directed by famed Martial Arts Director Robert Clouse. Other credits include; Enter the Dragon, The Ultimate Warrior, The Big Brawl and Black Belt Jones. Though Clouse’s career was in decline at the time this film was made, he was still a ringer. The cast beyond Thomas is former Playboy Playmate Tetchie Agbayani , Stinker Madness favorite Richard Norton, who also serves as the stunt coordinator and choreographer, Tadashi Yamashita, who was laser ninja in American Ninja, and big man Bob Schott.

There are a great deal of people, some reputable critics and others just those unable to avert their eyes who think this is one of the worst movies ever made. They are absolutely right. It seems like the plot of the movie was a narrow pitch made by an 8 year old to get someone to buy him out of his box of wheaties, just so he could get to the captain crunch. All of the athletes, stunt men and other non actors who comprise the majority of the cast perform much worse than anyone could expect. Beyond these and other failures they do a fine job cocking up the American State Department. Keeping these things in mind…

KAEOF: Which is your favorite abandoned plot line? Which of the crazies in “the town of crazies” is the craziest? Finally who would actually win this competition?