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Prelude to Galgameth

Prelude to Galgameth
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It may be called Galgameth or it might be called The Adventures of Galgameth or it might be called The Legend of Galgameth; who's to say? Either way, it's the start of our "Monster Bud" 3 episode series. It involves a fantasy tale about a boy who gets a dragon who grows by eating metal. So we'll see how that works out.

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About Galgameth - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

The Adventures of Galgameth, also known as the Legend of Galgameth, on the DVD cover and poster it’s just Galgameth. There is actually a different name for every country it was released in, was released domestically by Trimark Home Video in 1997, though the film was made and released elsewhere in 1996.  It was shot in Romania by American director Sean McNamara. McNamara is widely known as a producer of pre-teen programming. Pre-teen is totally different from children’s programming, it doesn’t like being seen riding around in the car with its parents.  McNamara has consistently produced shows for Nickelodeon, the Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. This appears to be his second movie, though there are heavy TV credits in between his first film, Hollywood Chaos and this. Beyond the TV shows this guy does sequels. 2 Sequels to Casper, a sequel to The Cutting Edge and on for Three Ninjas. The sequels that he made which may rear there ugly heads around this place are the 3 Baby Geniuses sequels. Baby Geniuses 2: Superbabies, held the top spot on the bottom 100 for something like 2 years. You would think that after something like that the franchise would die. McNamara, who didn’t direct Superbabies, did revive the franchise with: Baby Geniuses and the Mystery of the Crown Jewels, Baby Geniuses and the Treasure of Egypt, then culminating his experience and the trilogy with Baby Geniuses and the Space Baby. It should probably be mentioned that he also directed Soul Surfer which was well received. He also placed himself in this film with second billing. 

1 of the 4 reviews on IMDB for this film was helpful. It is by Mike-DD and is as follows:

Considering that I watched this after Dragonheart, I found this still quite refreshing the way dragon stories go. Seems like in these days, not all dragons are evil and deserve to be slayed, but there will always be at least one which becomes a hero dragon. Same here. A young prince discovers the family dragon, which although was like a toy at the beginning of the story, finally grows to become a behemoth that helps the prince win his kingdom and people. Devin Oatway (an unknown to me) is quite a character as the prince, although young, managing to put across a performance worthy of the film's 8 stars. A nice family show to watch beside the fire.

The strangest thing about this movie is that it is a loose remake of a Godzilla clone. The film was written by prolific Korean director Sang-ok Shin. Shin has over 100 production credits and over 70 directorial credits. During 1978, having previously made a string of Kaiju films, Shin and his wife were abducted by North Korean intelligence under the orders of Kim Jong-il. He was then forced to make the movies that Kim Jong-il wanted to see. He and his wife escaped from North Korea in 1986. So he had to make monster movies and propaganda films for Kim Jong-il over a period of 8 years. One of the films he made was Pulgasari, the aforementioned Godzilla clone. Teruyoshi Nakano, creator of Godzilla was quoted as saying that he liked Pulgasari better than Emmerich’s Godzilla. For the record, I like room temperature oatmeal better than I like Emmerich’s Godzilla.

KAEOF: Like 10 people you have seen but don’t know their names, including Felix Silla.

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