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Prelude to Ed

Prelude to Ed
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Matt LeBlanc graces our TV in the 1996 mega-stinker Ed. Its about a movie of a man in a monkey suit playing baseball! Plus there's a chimpanzee who plays baseball! (Our apologies to Matt LeBlanc, that joke is just way to easy to make)

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Good Neighbor, Bad Neighbor 

Apologize to our fans, but Sam totally blew it and didn't come up with any good neighbor, bad neighbor picks. If you see him, please shame him publicly.

About Ed - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Director Bill Couturie won the Academy Award for his documentary Common Threads: Stories from the Quilt. I am sure that it is riveting.He also won multiple Emmy's for his documentary Dear America: Letters from Vietnam.Bill Couturie is one of the most decorated documentarist to have lived. He recently even did a 30 for 30. Somewhere in there he tested the waters of narrative film. The water was not warm. It was quite Ed, which is Hollywood vernacular for ice fucking cold. Ed remains his only non documentary directorial effort. Ed would lose Worst Picture, Worst Screenplay and Worst Screen Couple to Striptease. Matt Leblanc would then loose Worst New Star to Pamela Anderson for Barbed Wire. My old neighbor Tyler was in Barbed Wire. He was not too keen.

Matt Leblanc got off to a dubious start. His fist major role was Chuck Bender on the ill fated CBS drama TV101, which only lasted 13 episodes in 1988. That’s two more episodes than Dirty Dancing the show, and 3 less than The Law with Harry McGraw, which of course were also both brainchilds of the Columbia Broadcast Network.  The Equalizer and Magnum PI were at the end of their run. CBS tried to keep the fire going with the previously mentioned as well as The Oldest Rookie with Paul Sorvino, which lasted 14 episodes. Barely surviving the CBS Drama Season of 88, he meandered around television. I first remember him as Vinnie Verducci in Married with Children and the poorly receive spin off Top of the HeapTop of the Heap also featured Joseph Bologna, frequent Kevin Smith collaborator Joey Lauren Adams (Amy from Chasing Amy) and Rita Moreno. If you don’t know Rita Moreno, you should, she is an EGOTer. In defense of Top of the Heap, an 11 year old me didn’t think it was so bad. Fox liked him and Adams so much the spun off Top of the Heap the next year with Vinnie & Bobby. Both series made 7 episodes and as a whole Vinnie Verducci was on fox for 17. The lovely people at The Red Shoe Diaries liked LeBlanc almost as much as Duchovny. He was in a total of 4 episodes of the various incarnations of that program.  He then was Joey for 236 episodes of Friends and 46 Episodes of JoeyJoey was on for 46 episodes?It should be noted that we may see LeBlanc again in Lost in Space.

Jim Caviezel makes most likely his lone Stinker Madness appearance. Jim there is still time. If this Person of Interest shit doesn’t work out there is always bad movies. The upturned nose will boast Caveizel’s performance in The Thin Red Line. Most would remember him as the guy who teamed up with Mel Gibson to give my grandmother a heart attack by torturing Jesus in the movie theater for 2 hours. 

Apparently the lead came down to a dog fight between Leblanc and one Matthew Perry. One Matthew Perry who has not done any better in feature films.

Keep an eye out for Jack Warden, Bill Cobbs and Troy Evans.  Evans of course was the Dolphins GM in Ace Ventura.

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