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Prelude to Dreamer

Prelude to Dreamer


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In this week's podcast spectacular of majesty, we've dug into the vaults and pulled out a brown stain in sports film-making history from 1979. It's the tale of the super exciting world of bowling. What? You didn't know bowling could be exciting? Well put on your slippery shoes and grab your ball bag because we didn't either!

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Sam's Boring Bullshit

I always want to sing Dreamer by Supertramp, sadly my voice doesn't go that high. This film has nothing to do with the British band Supertramp and everything to do with Americas greatest past time, staring at Susan Blakely's fun bags. Actually, correction, staring at Susan Blakely's milky white breasts is actually quite popular world wide. Bowling has a mostly state's side popularity, this movie is also about that. 

The film was directed by TV rounder Noel Nosseck. This was his second to last not Television related picture. His first two features, Best Freinds and Las Vegas Lady, look pretty hot and trashy. I have seen his third film Youngblood, though some time ago, I quite liked it. After this he would do what looks to be his last feature, King of the Mountain with one Richard Hatch, it looks pretty awesome. So we may have to look into this Noel Nosseck fellow, he could be a lost treasure of peripheral cinema.

The film is basically chock full of side talent that you have seen a hundred time. The leads are played by Animal House lead, Tim Matheson and the previously aforementioned Susan Blakely. Long time listeners of Stinker Madness will remember Blakely from her portrayal of "dead mom" in Over the Top. Richard B. Schull is back from the episodes Sssssss and Splash, he was also noted for being in one of many short lived robot cop shows. Other notable actors are Matt Clark and John Crawford from every western ever, as well as Mews Small from Zapped! and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, I could go on for ever so I will finally mention the appearance of Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, grand father of Clifton Colllins Jr. and the reason Collins was at one time credited as Clifton Gonzalez Gonzalez.

KAEOF: Bowling legends Dick Weber, one of the founders of the PBA as well as Bo Burton, also known as Nelson Burton Jr. Also look to see how close this film resembles Kingpin. The skeletal plot seems to be about the same with the Farrelly brothers adding a bunch of nonsense.

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