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Prelude to Deadliest Prey

Prelude to Deadliest Prey
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Mike Danton is back on the show and we can't be excited enough. Deadliest Prey is the 28 years later sequel to Hall of Fame movie, Deadly Prey and we can't wait to see how David and Ted Prior follow up one of the greatest bad movies of all time.

Be sure to revisit our Deadly Prey episode and for god sakes, watch the movie.

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About Deadliest Prey - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

David A. Prior died tragically at the age of 59 from what his brother Ted described as a long battle with failing health. I have done some digging and have discovered that on the coroner’s report, it clearly states that he died from being too awesome. Coincidentally I am now worried about my own health. His last project was working on the screenplay to long time friend and collaborator, director and dance choreographer David Winters most recent opus, Dancin' It's On!. Dancin' It's On! really needs some better punctuation. Perhaps; Dancing: It is on., or Dancin', It's On!. I think if the title was punctuated properly it would have made more than $27,000 at the box office, which is low considering it features Gary Daniels in a supporting role. Prior's last directorial effort was Relentless Justice with Eric Roberts. In the comment section of the somewhat lacking obituary for Prior on the AV Club, about 14 or 15 trolls down one Debra Newberry described how Prior was the catalyst to many careers as filmmaking wasn't really a big thing in Alabama. Most of his films were shot in an around Mobile AL and one of his former longtime crew members, Tommy Fell is now the director of the Alabama Film Commission.

Ted Prior used to be the wiener show. He may be still, you would think having adult children would shut that shit down but who knows. He danced for Chip-N-Dales and Posed for Playgirl, and claims to have had a little too much fun back in those days. He would settle down and Marry Female body builder Raye Hollitt who we all know as Zap from the original American Gladiators. At the height of her muscle-ness and during the early years of their marriage, she looked pretty much just like him, guns were about the same size and the hair was the same. They were actually at a family outing in April when another patron of the in and out told Ted to go fuck himself, and he replied: "I have been, for 26 Years".

Apparently they Priors had no idea the following that Deadly Prey had developed until several years ago when attending a boisterous screening. Ted had brought the youngest of he and Hollitt's 4 children. He recounted in the interview that they left the screening with his son thinking his dad was an awesome movie star. I guess Ted has yet to put together that he is an awesome movie star. Subsequently they would make this sequel.

The film will bring back David Campbell as Hogan. Fritz Matthews, despite having his character beaten to death with his own arm, would return as well, losing a reported 35 pounds to play the twin brother of the less fortunate Lt. Thornton. There are two female characters and SPOILER ALERT: one of them, specifically Cat Tomeny has the last name of Danton. I imagine that in the story world of the Deadly Prey series, Danton just grabbed another wife with hotdogs and beer the next time he was out.

KAEOF: Bennett Wayne Dean SR., I don't know who he is but his name is fun to say.

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Deadliest Prey
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