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Prelude to Deadbeat at Dawn

Prelude to Deadbeat at Dawn
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Its the final movie of our second year of podcasting and the last film eligible for our Year in Review episode. It's Jim Van Bebber pulling a Wiseau and killing his way to revenge and no amount of gang members are going to stand in his way. How much ass can he kick? Plenty.

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About Deadbeat at Dawn - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Goose is the leader of the Ravens… So wait, the Ravens are led by a Goose? What kind of motorcycle gang is this? Wouldn’t the Birds have members named Goose and Raven, not the Ravens with members Goose and Keith? If one was hoping the rival Spiders have better attention to details, one will not be rewarded. The Spiders are Danny and Bonecrusher. I think I got bit by a danny spider the other day, it could have been a bone crusher though…

Jim Van Bebber is the Producer, Director, Writer and Star of Deadbeat at Dawn. After winning a scholarship with his epic 8mm kung fu film Into the Black, Van Bebber attended the school of cinema at Write State University, for one year. He spent the money he was supposed to spend on his second year, including a loan, making Deadbeat at Dawn. I am glad he did, his parents probably aren’t. 

There are varying reports on how long this film took to complete, as I understand it, it took around two years to shoot and another two to complete. Some reports have it at 4 years to shoot, with a shorter post production tail.

As revealed in the DVD extras, one of the actors, I may have to correct this in the main episode, Marc Pitman (Bonecrusher) shaved his beard so he wouldn’t have to be in the movie any more. However the persistence of Van Bebber would eventually win as the actor is clearly seen in the movie with some shit stuck to his face that is supposed to be a beard.

Beyond this film, Van Bebber did a Manson Family movie that took him 10 years. He also directed music videos, notably for Pantera and Skinny Puppy. He is allegedly currently adapting his short film Gator Green into a feature length piece… of crap.

KAEOF: The fake beard. The main thing that we will be watching for is weather this is a worse attempt at a vanity piece than The Room. Also the secondary prize will go to anyone who can make more than a 3 sentence plot synopsis.

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Deadbeat at Dawn
Gone with the Pope

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Thursday, 22 February 2024

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