Prelude to Damnation Alley
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Brought to you by Nuke Juice, the only energy drink for a nuclear wasteland traveler.

We pack up and ride in our Landmaster as we prepare for a post-apocalyptic world in Damnation Alley. Sam shares his usual keen info on the movie, Jackie throws some more bad movie trivia your way and we all review our Netflix and Amazon streaming movies for the week.

We first announce our 12 Days of Bad Christmas Movies Podcrawl/VideoCrawl.  Imagine 4 shows, 3 movies each during each week leading up to Christmas. Let us know if you'd like to be involved by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR follow on Twitter by following @StinkerMadness or #12daysofbadxmasmovies.

Netflix Do's and Don'ts

Movie NameSummaryIMDBNetflixAmazonJustinJackieSamTotal

The Devil's 8

A federal agent rounds up eight convicts to help fight a vicious moonshine gang.

Heavily recommended to us by a good source, but a disappointment to us. Boring, confusing, and weird as hell. But the theme song at the end that explains the plot is pretty awesome. A perfect RiffTrax option.

IMDB Page Watch Now Devil's Eight No No No 0/3

Invasion of the Bee Girls

A powerful cosmic force is turning Earth women into queen bees who kill men by wearing them out sexually.

Totally weird and a complete cut & paste of 70's b-movies. William Smith is awesome. There's tons of boobs. And it's REALLY silly. And yes they are made of bees.

IMDB Page Watch Now Invasion Of The Bee Girls Yes Yes Yes 3/3

Stinker News

Scott Adkins and Tony Jaa sign up for Kickboxer 3D. Justin is super pumped.

Stallone wants Sigourney Weaver to lead a team called the "Expendabelles". Update - She said no.

WWE Studios and Lionsgate are putting together a new Leprechaun movie. Now called "Leprechaun: Origins" with WWE's Dylan Postl. Hopefully, it won't be another Bending the Rules.

And of course, we talk about the death of a Stinker icon - Menahem Golan who gave us such gems as:

Just to name a couple.  Only Roger Corman may be a bigger name in bad movies. least he was really old.  Check out this awesome tribute to the man:

Stinker Thinkers

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Score = Sam 19, Justin 14 - Justin got his ass kicked this week

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Damnation Alley is directed by Jack Smight - career highlights Harper with Paul Newman, Midway, The Illustrated Man

20th Century Fox put this one out and was super pumped about it. They put their bucks behind it instead of a silly movie from a guy named George Lucas. They really thought it was going to be a bigger deal than Star Wars....goddammit 20th Century are so dumb.

Starring the cold-war veteran Jan Michael Vincent from the awesomeness called Airwolf, who played Stringfellow Hawke (worst character name ever?).

The kid in the movie, named Billy is Jackie Earl Hailey who played Rorschach in The Watchman which is possibly the greatest adapted performance that's ever existed. This guy is a major somebody.

The Landmaster cost $300,000 in 1976. Which in today's money is $1,211,389...zoinds. Supposedly, a private owner restored the Landmaster and currently owns it and takes it out in parades every now and then in and around San Francisco...I doubt it's worth $1.2mil.

Technically, the first movie to feature "surround sound".

Shooting 3,000 cockroaches took an entire week to film.

This movie cost Fox $8,000,000 and only made $4,000,000 back. Without Star Wars it's highly likely that we would not have 20th Century Fox today.

Jackie has just the hardest time understanding what post-apocalyptic means...