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Brought to you by Dogman! Left in a pet store by his family, one man fights crime with all the powers of a domesticated dog.

This week, we follow up Gigli with one of the two films that Halle Berry chose to make instead, and then went on to win a Razzie for her performance. The film also won Worst Picture, Worst Director and Worst Screenplay in the 2005 Golden Raspberries. We have high hopes for this one as it could be another bad movie sleeper that got lumped in with comic book movies like "Punisher: War Zone."

Streaming Do's and Don'ts

Whoops we didn't watch a single movie that we can put on our list for this week. Sorry.

Instead we are doing recap of each Saturday Night Live movie in honor of the 40th Anniversary. We take each movie and average the Rotten Tomatoes score and the IMDB user rating to find out the best and the worst of the 12 films.

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Halle Berry Accepts Her Razzie