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Prelude to 976-EVIL 2

Prelude to 976-EVIL 2
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Jim Wynorski makes his very first and long overdue appearance on the show with 1991's 976-Evil 2, a film so important that they wouldn't even bring Robert Englund to direct it. Will Jim continue his fine tradition and increase his presence in the Stinker Hall of Fame? Spoiler alert - totally.

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About 976-Evil 2 - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

Robert Englund's 1989 film 976-EVIL was as critically lambasted as any film has ever been. To this day it only holds a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes. The same year of it's short theatric run the VHS and laser-disc releases were uncut and contained previously unseen footage. I can only assume that the response to this wilder version is what caused Cine Tel Films to commission the 1992 follow up; 976-EVIL 2: The Astral Factor. As a side note the DVD and Streaming versions of 976-EVIL are the theatric cut, the original home release was the only uncut or extended cut, but since it was laser-disc there is probably a good boot out there on the internet.

If wilder was what they wanted then they really brought in a ringer. That ringer is one Jim Wynorski. Jim claims they threw him out of film school for not having vision.  This would cause him to seek out Roger Corman. He admits his first picture for Corman didn't go swimmingly. Apparently Roger hated The Lost Empire, though the two of them could agree that he put the camera in some interesting places and the girls were pretty. When combined with Wynorski getting it done speedily and with minimal cost he was allowed to return for Chopping Mall, however, not without some tutelage. Corman took Wynorski to a 3 hour lunch where he gave him some pointers. J.W. claims to have the notes from that lunch to this day and that he learned more at that lunch than he did in film school. The rest as we say is history. A history that is chock full of boobs.

Speaking of boobs, it is difficult to ascertain who is actually in this movie. I will assume a great deal of the cast will possess boobs, I am not sure whose boobs they are. I am eager to find out. By all accounts Brigitte Nielsen is in this movie, which only excites 1985's Sylvester Stallone. Consensus also maintains Philip McKeon's role, which excites Philip McKeon. Former Miss USA finalist Debbie James is most likely in this and that may excite me, Jury out until the shirt comes off. Monique Gabrielle may or may not be in this movie.  She is a significant figure in the world of Stinker Madness as she is the woman who caused me to come up with the term smuggler. Those dedicated listeners will know, when the boobs come out and are a great deal larger than would physically fit inside the shirt they just came out of, why then, you have a smuggler. Monique Gabrielle is the origin of the species.

KAEOF: Buck Flower, and can I get a boob count.  

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976-EVIL 2
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