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Prelude to 88 Minutes

Prelude to 88 Minutes
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A fan request comes in this week for some Pacino so we attempt to tackle the 2007 trainwreck about a guy who only has 88 Minutes to solve a murder....his own. Oh my gosh what an amazingly original concept, he said sarcastically. But as fans of terrible acting, we think this has potential.

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The Wild Card - Good Neighbor, Bad Neighbor - the Pacino edition

  • Michael Coreleone - The Godfather series
  • Lt. Col. Frank Slade - Scent of a Woman
  • The Devil - The Devil's Advocate
  • any other role ever....

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Sam's Boring Bullshit

This is another attempt to bottle suspense by presenting the story in “real time”. Other valiant attempts at this were the not wonderful films, Nick of Time with Jon Depp and Phone Booth with Colin Farrell. I just looked over the fairly short list of real time films and it looks like they all stink. I am not sure about Die Hard for two reasons, one I feel like there is some forward cutting at the end and two, I don’t know if I actually like Die Hard. For some reason Run Lola Run is on this list and thought the vignettes are presented mostly in real time the fact that there are three vignettes dealing with probability and possibly parallel time lines would in my eyes disqualify it from being in “real time”. Shame on you, who ever miscategorized that film.

This $30 million train wreck was engineered by famed producer Jon Avnet, who directed Fried Green Tomatoes, and then a bunch of movies that weren’t nearly as good. As a producer he is responsible for a cavalcade of projects including Black Swan and The Mighty Ducks. I found while sifting through his filmography that he produced a 1992 television film entitled The Nightman. I like to get sidetracked on Nightman and how often it gets used as a name. Glen A. Larson also did a TV show called Night Man. Listeners should take a gander at the Night Man costume as he looks like a total butthole.

Back to 88 Minutes. This thing has quite a cast. Beyond Academy Award winning actor Al Pacino the film features Neal McDonough, Leelee Sobieski and Gotham’s Ben McKenzie. It will pair Pacino with Amy Brennenman again after co-staring in Heat together. The two notable stars, for my money anyway are William Forsythe and Alicia Witt. Alicia Witt has had a sparse career which started as her playing the daughter on the prime time not hit show Cybil. She then seems to have trouble finding consistent quality work, she has never had trouble giving me a boner. William Forsythe does not give me a boner. Quite the opposite. For whatever reason when I see him I just want to punch him right in the face. That gives him merit.

KAEOF: Most importantly we will need to look out for the time jump 3 minutes backwards which is apparently just a huge fuckup. There is also a character named Jack who has hair that changes lengths. In a film where the style and aesthetic is basically continuity there are at least 18 continuity errors.

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88 Minutes
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