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Prelude to 2012

Prelude to 2012
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Well we exit 2016 with a bang...sorta. We went ahead and re-recorded our previous attempt at 2012, since we bungled the first versions and now in all it's glory we dive into the 2009 film from stinker Hall of Famer, Roland Emmerich in which the world explodes...sorta.

Casual Do's and Don'ts

The Wild Card - Pop Quiz Hotshot (2012 Edition)

  1. A Judy Garland dress which sold for $302,000 in 2012 was worn in which movie? The Wizard of Oz
  2. What is the year 2012 in Roman numerals? MMXII
  3. Who became the oldest actor to win an Oscar in 2012? Christopher Plummer
  4. What member of the Monkees died in 2012? Davy Jones
  5. Name the devastating mid/N American hurricane of Oct 2012? Sandy
  6. What film released in 2012 went on to win Oscar gold? Argo
  7. Razzie winner? Twilight 4

About 2012 (2009) - Movie Information

Sam's Boring Bullshit

2012 released in 2009 as it would have been far too late otherwise. By the way, we are all currently dead. We collectively did not heed the words of Nostra-Dumb-Ass, nor did we individually learn to fly limousines; for shame. Roland Emerich tried to tell us in 2009, but we didn’t listen.  He also tried to tell us about magical gateways to the stars, and how great James Spader’s hair used to be. He also wants us to listen to what 50’Cent has to say, as the main character, Jackson Curtis, is names sort of backwards after the rapper. Upon writing this I realized I know really nothing about Curtis Jackson or know any of his songs, but with titles like: “I Get Money”, “I Get In” and “OK, You’re Right”, he probably isn’t wrong?

Emerich stated in an interview that this would be his last disaster movie, it wasn’t, not by a long shot.  I don’t know what he thought he was going to do? Make movie about horses? Heavy drama? – Coming this spring; An Inconsequential Day in March starring John Hurt and Jane Seymour, bring a pillow… - I am not against Emerich making more personal projects but he needs to keep blowing up landmarks until the ride his ass out of town on a rail.

I think this was when I had enough of John Cusack.  After High Fidelity I was out on this guy, not that Cusack did anything wrong, it was just by this point everyone began realizing that Hollywood was just spitting out movies that could have all been named Fill In The Cusack.  I guess I wasn’t the only one as he is now in movies with Tom Jane.  Apparently the role of Jackson Curtis was originally offered to Gerard Butler, he turned it down, which prevented this story from being 3 minutes long.  He would have shot the apocalypse shortly post opening credits and then filled the rest of the film by shooting a bunch of other people who were probably bad. The other stars of this film are so various and numerous that I had to stop in the middle of reading the cast list because I got hungry.  Seth Rogan was another who had turned down a role.

KAEOF:  Which character you want/wanted to die the most? Which disaster sequence/Landmark Downing was your favorite? Finally who says the stupidest thing? 

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Black Christmas

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