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  • The Hurricane Heist

    The Hurricane Heist

    This week we check out a SMABFA contender from this year, question the ATF's role in government, talk a lot about Brent Spiner's ass, whether physics exist, how to kill your brother, how crime works, and how this stands up to inaccuracy next to Armageddon, Geostorm, and Volcano. Read More
  • Rampage


    We talk monster poop, Don Jr., invisible actors, Joe Mag being the new Sean Bean, dumb scientists, huge naked balls, and Jackie issues an apology to the entire primate community. Plus is this the best video game movie of all time and reviews of Baywatch and Tomb Raider (not the best video game movie). Read More
  • Foodfight!`


    This week we discuss German cookies, 70's TV commercials, cartoon bestiality, agism, Nazi S&M, schizer, vagina bugs and Weinsteinism in a children's movie. Find out why Foodfight! is a crime against humanity (not exaggerating). Arguably the most offensive movie ever made and clearly the worst children's movie ever made. Don't. Just don't. Read More
  • Deathstalker II

    Deathstalker II

    Ol' DS is back but wait a minute...this isn't your father's Deathstalker! Jim Wynorksi brings the adventure, comedy, massive amounts of topless women, film franchise references, boss dissing, cheesy effects, vague plot, and cramming other films into his genius of film-making on a budget that put him into the upper eschelon of stinkers. This is one film/episode you won't want to miss. Read More
  • The Rage: Carrie 2

    The Rage: Carrie 2

    A group of high-schoolers can't think straight. A police investigation into laws that don't exist. A school counselor who breaks into Arkham Asylum. A trucker who doesn't ever deliver his shipments. An American Pie sequel with superpowers. Carrie 2 misses by about a kilometer thanks to the wonderful writing of the guy who gave us Hackers. Yikes! Read More
  • America 3000

    America 3000

    A multi-layered plot with a deep universe and GofT levels of betrayal and intrigue. Handmaid's Tale inequality and political and societal issues set within a post-apocalyptic world. An internal look at what power, corruption, inequality, and oppression actually means at a core level. A tight-budget clinic on how to make an efficient film while telling an elaborate story within a complex world. Also there is a balding Sasquatch, sweet guitar riffs, karate battles, and cheesy jokes. It's Sam and Justin's favorite bad movie of all time. No embellishment. Read More
  • Hawkeye


    Imagine Axel Foley teamed up with Kurt Russell and then beat the hell out of random people and stole all the drug money. This karate-cop movie is a true stinker gem and an absolute blast - if you can mind the perpetual racism. Plus - Part 1 of the incredible story of Gary DeVore Read More
  • Eragon


    If you thought the Star Wars Holiday Special was bad, just wait for the Star Wars Dragon Caper! With over 18 points of direct Lucas ripoffiing, Eragon isn't a movie about dragons - it's a movie about space wizards. Completely inept in writing and able to anger the fanboys as good as anything, Eragon is a blast of riffability for even the least humorous person. Thanks to Jack B for suggesting this gem of a knockoff. Read More
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What the folks are saying...

  • Pretty savvy and very funny Read More
    Filmstud21 This is one of the better movie podcasts out there. These guys do alot of homework and have seen a ton of bad movies. Its also nice because they enjoy bad movies instead of just making fun of them. Great show to listen to if you are looking for laughs and suggestions on stuff to watch.
  • They know a stinker when they see it Read More
    If We Made It This is a really great podcast about stinky movies. Stinkers, if you will. They cover the classics and new stinkers, sometimes with amazing guests. Keep it up, Stinker Madness!
  • C-List Celebrity Read More
    Paul Milsap I think you guys are doing fantastic. And I thought I was the only one that was into this stuff?!? I loved the discussion on Teen Which, it's definitely one of those movies that has an underground cult following, have a look at teenwitchfanclub dot com (no joke). Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 33/100. It was definitely closer to 36/100.
  • bad movies are bad Read More
    thedigpodcast Fun listening. Conversational, like talking with friends about terrible films.
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