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  • Pet Sematary

    Pet Sematary

    Stephen King once again delivers the hilarity in one of his most popular films. The serious moral is never move next to the Super Trucking Speedway if you don't want things to get ran over. Also never trust a drunk old guy who tells you how to reanimate the dead. Also the reanimated dead are like a box of chocolates. Also why did you dress your child like Little Lord Fauntleroy? Read More
  • Phenomenon


    It was a massive deal and duped millions of people into thinking it was a good movie. However, there is a pile of problems here and some of the most glaring missed opportunities in a film we've reviewed. Plus Kyra Sedgwick says, "You can't handle the truth." It's absolutely a clinic on how to not write a script and letting studio execs decide what happens in your sci-fi film. It's total crap. Read More
  • Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

    Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

    In which Jason doesn't show up, a man has van-enchiladas, the Buffingtons breed with the Hills Have Eyes folks, boobs, hobos, a youth center with loose regulations, and possibly the strangest scene regarding an outhouse in a horror film. Low on gore, high on weird. Also - HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Read More
  • Sleepwalkers


    A delicious dish starring Supercop/Action Star/Real Life CIA Operative, Clovis...the cat. In the upper tier of unintentionally hilarious and ill conceived horror films, Sleepwalkers is an absolute must-do and should be a Spooktober staple. It's seriously about cat-people whose naturally predator is domestic cats. Cat people... allergic to cats. That's gonna be a real problem when Clovis comes to town. Read More
  • Geostorm


    *Spoiler Alert - There are no Geo Storms in this film or geostorms* Once again, Dean Devlin and Gerard Butler deliver the goods on a bad movie field trip. Science goes completely out the door, ham-fisted action scenes including the President teleporting and the (hot!) female version of Mike Banning make this an instant pick for Best Bad Movie in the 2017 SMABFA awards. Keep this crap (its total crap) coming! Read More
  • Saw


    Take a 15 minute concept piece and fill in the other 1.5 hours with nonsensical backstory, broken flashbacks, wrecked narrative and the worst detective of all time and you've got a classic "good movie debunked" episode. Unfortunately, Saw is just too damn boring too enjoy. However, our 300th episode is hilarious! Congrats to us on 300 episodes. Not to toot our own horn but AWOOOGAH!!! Read More
  • Belly of the Beast

    Belly of the Beast

    Russian Expert and Putin (not) bestie, Steven Seagal, comes into the show to offend us horribly with his lack of being in the action of this film and wearing shirts that offend entire cultures. Plus there's a topless lady treasure map and a wizard/monk magic battle. Yup, you heard that right. Read More
  • The Barbarians

    The Barbarians

    Sure, you don't like meatheads from New Jersey, but what if you put them in a swords and sandals movie and DOUBLE THEM!!! Two times the douchebags "steal" the show in one of Cannon Group's worst movies. Toss in some circus magic, Rostov, a penis-dragon, rat-man, and the most unimaginable catch-phrase uttered on celluloid. UGGHHHH!!!! Read More
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  • 2016 SMABFA Awards

    2016 SMABFA Awards

    The hottest awards for bad films in 2016 are here and the winners are all set. Listen to the 2016 SMABFA Podcast and check out all the nominees and winners
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  • Year 3 in Review - Part 1

    Year 3 in Review - Part 1

    Its our third year anniversary and we are cranking out another episode where we recap the best bad movies we've seen in the last year. This episode we each countdown our 10-5 picks.
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  • Year 3 in Review - Part 2

    Year 3 in Review - Part 2

    Its our third year anniversary and we are cranking out another episode where we recap the best bad movies we've seen in the last year. This episode we each countdown our 4-1 picks, as well as our favorite movies of 2016.
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What the folks are saying...

  • C-List Celebrity Read More
    Paul Milsap I think you guys are doing fantastic. And I thought I was the only one that was into this stuff?!? I loved the discussion on Teen Which, it's definitely one of those movies that has an underground cult following, have a look at teenwitchfanclub dot com (no joke). Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 33/100. It was definitely closer to 36/100.
  • Get to the chopper Read More
    Bad Movie Sunday They don't stink. The movies do. They aren't mad (well 2 out of 3 ain't bad) the movies are. Every week Sam, Jackie (Jacquie, Jacky or Jackey) and Justin go out of their way to bring somewhat of a quality show. From skits to Streaming Do's and Donts to Good Neighbour/Bad Neighbour and the worst superpower game ever. In the midst of that, they manage to review a "bad movie". It's by far one of the best if not the best independent bad movie podcast out there.
  • snarky commentary mst3k -style Read More
    stephie794 these guys are really great at ripping apart bad movies just like Rifftrax or the number 1 movie podcast How did this get made? don't drink while you are listening or you may snort it through your nose from laughing so hard
  • Awesome Show about terrible movies! Read More
    DC-------5 Great podcast to listen to if you like cheesy movies. Engaging and hilarious discussions about awesomely awful movies. Highly reccomend their Fantastic Four episode.
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