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  • Space Jam

    Space Jam

    Evil cartoon aliens steal the talent of NBA stars and Shawn Bradley (giggle) so that they can kidnap the Looney Tunes crew so that they can be carnies at their amusement park (we think). So #23 comes in as the ringer and a sexy bunny gives birth to the furry fetish. Take all that and then DON'T hire Chuck Jones or Mel Blanc's son. Space Jam is a crapfest of crap. Read More
  • No Holds Barred

    No Holds Barred

    Nothing captures the drama and action of professional wrestling like murder on live national television. Nothing captures the challenges and tragedy that a professional wrestler faces like dining in fancy restaurants and dating your agent. Nothing encapsulates the fun and joy for wrestling fans like kidnapping, attempted rape, assault, hitmen, anti-trust, and never once calling the police. Nothing makes a lick of sense within NHB, but man is it a treat. Read More
  • The Running Man

    The Running Man

    Its a satire of satire and misses on all cylinders. One liner after one liner and all are groan-inducing (with the exception of Arnold's greatest one-liner), endless running, a TV show that doesn't ever fit its run-time, questionable decision making, foolish prison break tactics, poor security, unsafe action-cars, and horrendous costumes. Yet, underneath, it's almost a good movie. Plus Sam and Jackie come up with the greatest one-liner in history. Read More
  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer

    Sure, it's a terrible idea that can never make any money. But the mass audience avoidance of this film is a terrible mistake. Speed Racer is truly one of the most underrated movies of all time. It's time for everyone to go out and watch Speed Racer immediately. It's fantastic. Read More
  • Radical Jack

    Radical Jack

    A Better Homes and Garden's alum directs an "action" film, puts Hannah Montana's dad in as the toughest guy ever (so we are told) and Michelle Pfeiffer's little sister, the waitress, takes down the South American mafia, the largest black market weapon operation in the US AND the CIA. So who is it that is Radical? Cause it sure as hell isn't Jack. Also witness the birth of Asahi Guy! Read More
  • Double Down

    Double Down

    Neil Breen is back in his directorial debut with this week's trip into the mind of a crazy person. He stars as a double-agent, elite mercenary, computer hacker/security expert, bio-terrorist, cyborg, assassin/vigilante, and just a simple man. It's a Neil showcase into baffling story-telling, yet again. Watch out for his balls! Read More
  • Hackers


    Nothing says computer experts in the mid 90s like see-through shirts and French high fashion. Yet the least accurate problem is the security guard of the inside of a computer. It's the Jon Snow of the internet and computers. Woof... Read More
  • Fist of the Vampire

    Fist of the Vampire

    Most of us, when given the gift of immortality and nigh-invulnerability, would probably use those gifts to climb to the upper-echelons of society and financial wealth. The very best of use would use those vampire gifts to change the world for the better (while sucking blood, sure) but THESE vampires try to build an underground fight club with drugs kind of involved and don't suck hardly any blood. WTF?!?! Read More
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  • Great show Read More
    grizzach This is a great podcast, if you like listening to people talk about bad movies subscribe to this podcast
  • Hilarious B-Movie Discussions. Read More
    Torgo823 Who doesn’t enjoy watching some crummy movies and then talking about how bad it was? Great chemistry between the hosts. Definitely worth a listen!
  • They know a stinker when they see it Read More
    If We Made It This is a really great podcast about stinky movies. Stinkers, if you will. They cover the classics and new stinkers, sometimes with amazing guests. Keep it up, Stinker Madness!
  • bad movies are bad Read More
    thedigpodcast Fun listening. Conversational, like talking with friends about terrible films.
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