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  • Maniac Cop

    Maniac Cop

    We dig into a bad cop gone bad movie with lots of face smashing, body tossing, and good cops who are bad at copping. One major question - What is Maniac Cop? Is he the living dead? Or is he a golem? Or is he just a beefy dude with a serious mental illness and a lust for murder? The true answer will be discovered in this episode! Read More
  • Speed 2: Cruise Control

    Speed 2: Cruise Control

    Next time you want to make an action movie that is 1/3 failed marriage proposals, just don't. Speed 2 is the model for bad ideas. Nothing here works in anyway, unless you are intentionally cramming money into a toilet. Or the viewers. Watching Speed 2 is a date with the toilet. Read More
  • Real Men

    Real Men

    Jim Belushi and John Ritter team up to deliver a glass of water to spacemen. All while dodging bullets, clowns, the Russians, tranny seduction, and corruption in the government. While sounding completely stupid, this film is comedy-gold and a missed gem of cinematic history. Truly hilarious! Must watch. Read More
  • Return of the Living Dead

    Return of the Living Dead

    It's a weird and wild zombie thrill ride, unlike any you would expect to find for the genre. Combine that with some over-the-top acting, a naked B-movie queen, and goopy special effects, all set to the backdrop of the "true story" when the government nuked Louisville. It's a must-do film! Read More
  • Fateful Findings

    Fateful Findings

    Neil Breen gives us a case of the serious creeps, while also boiling our brain cells in this instance of absolute insanity. With magic, wizards, ghosts, astral projection, ambiguous sex, the Black Lodge, lost loves, murder, corporate and government conspiracies, and toasts with empty drinks this film has got it all. Not to be missed by any fan of a real bad movie! Read More
  • Red Sonja

    Red Sonja

    Demonstrably, both Arnold's and Swords and Sorcery's least eventful movie. Nothing happens! Thrill! As Sonja walks around! Revel! In the 20 minute poorly performed foreplay...with swords! Hemorrhage your brain! At THE Talisman (its not a talisman!!!!) and its dubious origin/handling/powers! Woof....Awful movie? Check! Great for riffing on a podcast? You damn right! One of our best episodes! Read More
  • Speed Zone

    Speed Zone

    If you can't get Burt Reynolds in your Cannonball Run sequel, call it something else and dial the stunts and the Canadian comedians to 11. Toss in a cadre of c-listers, replica cars, a commercial airliner and some romance and you've got a 8/10 stinker. This film is exceptionally awesome in all manners. Read More
  • Battleship


    It's always a good idea to base your movie off one of the least interesting board games of all time. But if you GOTTA do this, make sure you get a cavalcade of non-actors to play key roles. While 45 minutes of this film is serious bananas, the front end just doesn't make viewing this a worthwhile experience. Read More
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  • The Only Thing That Stinks Is YOU For Not Listening!! Read More
    HonorKnight The crew over at Stinker Madness do an amazing job at finding those long lost cinematic gems and giving them their proper due. The hosts are often engaging and funny. If you love all types of movies, you'll love this show. Go listen now!!
  • Hilarious B-Movie Discussions. Read More
    Torgo823 Who doesn’t enjoy watching some crummy movies and then talking about how bad it was? Great chemistry between the hosts. Definitely worth a listen!
  • Great show Read More
    grizzach This is a great podcast, if you like listening to people talk about bad movies subscribe to this podcast
  • Awesome Show about terrible movies! Read More
    DC-------5 Great podcast to listen to if you like cheesy movies. Engaging and hilarious discussions about awesomely awful movies. Highly reccomend their Fantastic Four episode.
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