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  • Rent-A-Cop


    It's that crappy day when an idol from your youth moves on from life and you have to pay him/her a tribute movie pick. It's an even worse day when Liza Minnelli showcases her Razzie winning acting next to him. But James Remar's Batman villian steals the show and gets his face melted off so there's that... Read More
  • Predator 2

    Predator 2

    When you've got Danny Glover, Bill Paxton and Gary Busey together to fight an 8 foot tall teenage monster who is killing a plethora of gang members in 1990 LA, you've got to have some seriously hot stuff, right? Wrong. In this example of the MPAA doing a horrendous job and undercutting a movie, we fall asleep during a Predator film. Read More
  • Slender Man

    Slender Man

    Wait, this whole time he's just an arborist? In a probable SMABFA contender we go on the road and finally draw up some theories as the what this film tells us that Slender Man actually is. Here we discuss Chun Li, Charlton Heston's ghost, bum parties, Tom's "o" face & and becoming a tree. Read More
  • St. Elmo's Fire

    St. Elmo's Fire

    It's like entering Moria - Speak Friend and Enter...and then get murdered. It's not what you think it is. No one in any film is a worse example of humanity then this ensemble. It's a spectacle is awfulness. Plus we discuss Reagan's "special aide", misguided millennial hate, Doris Day Porn, acid shooters & shrimp pants. Read More
  • Miami Connection

    Miami Connection

    It's widely proclaimed as one of the best bad movies of all time and yet no one has discovered the true plot of the film - until now. This week we talk 80's fashion, the sweet sweet tunes of Dragon Sound, chewing someone's ass, Anthony Michael Hall, "orpans", ninjas on Ninjas, messing with "tough guys", and what is the "Connection"? Read More
  • To Catch a Yeti

    To Catch a Yeti

    That heart-warming story of when a 6' tall gorilla-man and his height-challenged assistant team up with an 10 year old Josef Stalin in the pursuit of murdering an entire family of Canadians so that they can use an endangered species as a torture play-thing. Oh the warm and fuzzies are filling up in my tummy! Read More
  • American Hunter

    American Hunter

    It's a strange tale of how to give your new girlfriend the worst week of her life and apparently have her still want to marry you. Stack that up with some insanely dangerous stunts, bad dives, a lime boat, townie murder, low-speed chases, villainous pets, and bad bad-guying, you've got a great stinker out of Indonesia. Read More
  • The Hurricane Heist

    The Hurricane Heist

    This week we check out a SMABFA contender from this year, question the ATF's role in government, talk a lot about Brent Spiner's ass, whether physics exist, how to kill your brother, how crime works, and how this stands up to inaccuracy next to Armageddon, Geostorm, and Volcano. Read More
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Stinker Madness - Bad Movie Podcast

The only place to come for Stinkers (bad movies)

Stinker Madness is a bad movie comedy podcast that loves horrible films that might actually be wonderful little gems. Or they could suck. We do our best to filter out the good movies from the bad films and pass the savings on to you. It's our goal to find the best worst movies of all time.

Here you can listen to all episodes of the Stinker Madness podcast where we review bad movies. You'll also find access to download or stream each of our episodes. Be sure to comment and give us your thoughts on the show and movies.

With 2 episodes each week and at least four cult, budget and "bad" movies reviewed each week, this is the show for the true bad movie lover.

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What the folks are saying...

  • Pretty savvy and very funny Read More
    Filmstud21 This is one of the better movie podcasts out there. These guys do alot of homework and have seen a ton of bad movies. Its also nice because they enjoy bad movies instead of just making fun of them. Great show to listen to if you are looking for laughs and suggestions on stuff to watch.
  • An absolute blast Read More
    Second Class Cinema This show is a ton of fun. For real. As a bad movie procurer myself, these are the opinions I care about.
  • bad movies are bad Read More
    thedigpodcast Fun listening. Conversational, like talking with friends about terrible films.
  • Hilarious B-Movie Discussions. Read More
    Torgo823 Who doesn’t enjoy watching some crummy movies and then talking about how bad it was? Great chemistry between the hosts. Definitely worth a listen!
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