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  • Battleship


    It's always a good idea to base your movie off one of the least interesting board games of all time. But if you GOTTA do this, make sure you get a cavalcade of non-actors to play key roles. While 45 minutes of this film is serious bananas, the front end just doesn't make viewing this a worthwhile experience. Read More
  • Gwendoline


    So imagine a world in which butterflies are worth risking your life for, only to discover a super futuristic society of topless women who live in the ground. Toss in masses of gratuitous nudity, bananas dialogue, insane set pieces and costumes, a human chariot race and three of the silliest protagonists to date and you've got The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak. Read More
  • 9 Deaths of the Ninja

    9 Deaths of the Ninja

    Sho Kosugi returns alongside Brent Huff, to take down Anthony Kiedis' dad from getting away in his electric wheelchair. Sho uses ninja weapons, disguises and stealth. Brent uses his overwhelming good looks. It's secret agent grab-ass. Read More
  • Rage of Honor

    Rage of Honor

    When you used to be in a ton of ninja movies, but now you're in a cop movie, that doesn't mean you have to ditch your ninja-loving ways. Sho Kosugi thrills and entertains in this masterful "cop" movie where physics and geography don't apply. Also be on the lookout for native genocide by our "hero". Too much fun and good riffing to shake a stick at (or a katana). Read More
  • Cool as Ice

    Cool as Ice

    If you need to be reminded about how awful life was in the early 90s, well we have a film for you. It's offensive, impossible, inept, and beyond bonkers. If you want a truly crap movie, this one is one of the crappiest, while still being a pretty good time. Plus blackmail, "Ice-Qwon-Do", the grossest sandwich of all time, crotch-rocket murder, questionable teenage/adult relationships, bad parenting, and a child getting hit in the face by the cameraman. Bus' it, Homey! Read More
  • Days of Thunder

    Days of Thunder

    When you think you've seen Top Gun too many times, you might be ready to watch this movie. Unless you have seen Top Gun too many times. Super dumb and super riffable. It's a good time to revisit this turd. Rubbin's Racing! Read More
  • Face/Off


    It's so much face on/off, face wiping, face punching, face melting that your face will become unattached and fly across the room and attach to your dog's face. While immensely beloved and super successful, Face/Off is a great experience in stupidity and bad acting. Must do. Read More
  • Shanghai Surprise

    Shanghai Surprise

    Imagine When Harry Met Sally and you take the adventure out of it. A nonsensical plot and muddy character motivations, topped with horrible acting and godawful dialogue. Plus double rape equals romance! Thanks 1980's. Read More
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Stinker Madness - Bad Movie Podcast

The only place to come for Stinkers (bad movies)

Stinker Madness is a bad movie comedy podcast that loves horrible films that might actually be wonderful little gems. Or they could suck. We do our best to filter out the good movies from the bad films and pass the savings on to you. It's our goal to find the best worst movies of all time.

Here you can listen to all episodes of the Stinker Madness podcast where we review bad movies. You'll also find access to download or stream each of our episodes. Be sure to comment and give us your thoughts on the show and movies.

With 2 episodes each week and at least four cult, budget and "bad" movies reviewed each week, this is the show for the true bad movie lover.

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Featured Episodes

  • 2016 SMABFA Awards

    2016 SMABFA Awards

    The hottest awards for bad films in 2016 are here and the winners are all set. Listen to the 2016 SMABFA Podcast and check out all the nominees and winners
    Read More
  • Year 3 in Review - Part 1

    Year 3 in Review - Part 1

    Its our third year anniversary and we are cranking out another episode where we recap the best bad movies we've seen in the last year. This episode we each countdown our 10-5 picks.
    Read More
  • Year 3 in Review - Part 2

    Year 3 in Review - Part 2

    Its our third year anniversary and we are cranking out another episode where we recap the best bad movies we've seen in the last year. This episode we each countdown our 4-1 picks, as well as our favorite movies of 2016.
    Read More

What the folks are saying...

  • Great show Read More
    grizzach This is a great podcast, if you like listening to people talk about bad movies subscribe to this podcast
  • Hilarious B-Movie Discussions. Read More
    Torgo823 Who doesn’t enjoy watching some crummy movies and then talking about how bad it was? Great chemistry between the hosts. Definitely worth a listen!
  • An absolute blast Read More
    Second Class Cinema This show is a ton of fun. For real. As a bad movie procurer myself, these are the opinions I care about.
  • They know a stinker when they see it Read More
    If We Made It This is a really great podcast about stinky movies. Stinkers, if you will. They cover the classics and new stinkers, sometimes with amazing guests. Keep it up, Stinker Madness!
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